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How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost?

What are we going to discuss within this article?

In short, we’ll pay for all the expenses of the bathroom you must know about.


What are we going to discuss within this article?

In short, we’ll pay for all the expenses of the bathroom you must know about. This covers the costs for supplies and labour associated with building a new toilet shower, tap, bath and much more.

In addition to that, we’ll provide any additional costs you may be required to cover, the time it will take to construct and what you’ll have to shell out for maintenance and repairs.

Let’s get started.

A basic bathroom could cost from £1500 to £2000 to install. A standard bathroom can cost around £3000 to £6000 and a top-quality bathroom could cost between £7000 and up to £15,000.

If you’re planning to get a tiny bathroom, you can anticipate paying between £1000 up to £3000. If you have a bathroom that is medium-sized, it could cost between £3000 £6000, while a bigger bathroom can cost you up to £10,000. Depending on the size of the bathroom you have, it may cost more.

New Bathroom Prices

Let’s break it down a bit:

In the table below, we’ve listed the costs associated with a new bathroom, which will vary according to the type of bathroom you pick. Keep in mind: the price estimate for bathrooms with significant changes (such as traditional or contemporary bathrooms) will vary.

Type of BathroomNew Bathroom Cost
Budget Renovated Bathroom Cost£1000 to £3500
Mid-Quality, Minimal Renovation Bathroom Cost£4000 to £5500
Modern Bathroom Cost£4000 to £10,000
Country Bathroom Cost£4000 to £10,000
Traditional Bathroom Cost£4000 to £10,000
Average Quality, Large Bathroom Cost£7000 to £10,000
Luxury Bathroom Cost£7000 to £15,000

What are the Additional Costs of a New Bathroom?

But, wait a second:

It is possible to think about additional costs before you get your new bathroom set up. This can include flooring that is new or customised designs, tiling and many more.

Let’s look at these costs in the present:

The New Design for Bathrooms Costs

Do you want to have your brand new bathroom designed by a professional?

It could cost between £35 or £50 for an hour to engage someone to design professionally an entirely new bathroom.

New Bathroom Lighting Costs

The addition of lighting can make all the difference in the way you have your new bathroom installed.

However, how much will new lighting for your bathroom cost you?

The cost of a new bathroom lighting is somewhere between £25 to £50.  But, this doesn’t include the price of lighting fixtures for bathrooms.

New Bathroom Floor Costs

What’s the cost for new flooring for your bathroom?

The cost will be contingent on the type of material being used. For instance, porcelain tiles could cost £20 up to £30 per square metre, whereas rubber flooring is typically priced somewhere between £30 or £60 per square metre.

New Bathroom Painting and Decorating Costs

What’s the price to furnish your toilet in the UK?

For starters, you’ll need to invest £20 or £50 to purchase enough containers of paint that will cover the whole bathroom with at the very minimum one coat of paint.

Remember: the bigger your bathroom, the bigger the paint containers you’ll need!

In addition the cost will be about £325 up to £500 to get a painter to finish your bathroom.

The cost of a new bathroom Tiling

Ceramic tiles that are average-sized cost between £12 or £50 per square metre.

What about the other kinds or bathroom floor tiles?

The price of bathroom tiles can vary greatly depending on the material that is used. For instance slate tiles can be priced anywhere between £40 or £50 per square metre, whereas glass tiles typically cost £110 or £160 per square metre.

If you’re hiring an expert tiler, the cost of labour and materials is likely to be somewhere between £500 to £800 (if you want to have your bathroom completely tiled).

What are the Supply Costs of a New Bathroom?

You are thinking about purchasing the materials to create a bathroom of your own?

Here’s a short overview of the amount you can be expecting to pay (on an average) to purchase bathroom products. The prices do not include the cost of installation and labour. The price is simply the cost of the materials.

  • New Toilet Cost From £100 to £200
  • Manual Shower Prices: £40-£200
  • Electrical Shower Costs: £60 – £250
  • The Digital Shower Price: £300 – £500
  • Power Shower Cost Between £200 and £500.
  • Price of Shower Screen: £50 to £150
  • New Bath Cost From £100-£400
  • A New Sink Price: £50 to £200
  • The new bathroom taps cost: £40-£100
  • Flooring Cost for New Tiles: £10 – £20 per square metre

Bathroom Installation Costs

Let’s take this a step further:

What is the cost of an installation of a bathroom (excluding the materials)?

This section will discuss the cost of installation and labour you will be expected to shell out for a new bathroom installation in the UK. We will look at the amount you will pay in the overall cost based on the size and type of the bathroom you’d like to have installed.

For an average price for a brand bathroom renovation you should expect to spend somewhere between £3000 or £6000. But a luxury bathroom can cost somewhere between £7000 as high as £15,000.

But what if you’re looking for something a little cheaper?

It is possible to get an affordable bathroom installed for just £1500 or £2000.

To do this, you’ll have to discover ways to save money through the use of less expensive materials. Consider how you could do it yourself since a significant portion of a bathroom’s expense is the installation.

How long does it take to build a new Bathroom?

While it is contingent on the dimensions of your bathroom, this is a brief breakdown of the typical amount of time required to get a budget-friendly or standard bathroom set up.

Bathrooms with budget-friendly bathrooms6 to 13 days
Standard Bathroom Suite7-14 days
Elegant Bathroom Suite9-16 days

What is the cost for each stage of a Bathroom Renovation cost?

Every bathroom remodel has a set of standard stages:

This section will break down the (average) price of installing an entirely new bathroom at every phase of the project.

Old Bathroom Cost of Removal

Don’t forget:

Before you install your new bathroom, you’ll have to get rid of your bathroom from the previous one! This could mean removing the entire bathroom, so that the contractor has a clean slate to work on. But, there could be the possibility of allowing certain areas of the bathroom to stay (which could lower the total cost of the renovation).

How much would be the cost of removing the bathroom?

On the average, it’ll cost anywhere from £300 up to £1000 to take down the old bathroom.

Plumbing Relocation Cost

Moving plumbing fixtures to bathrooms will probably cost between £700 to £900.

This might involve rerouting the plumbing pipes to accommodate the new bathroom, sink or toilet.

Small Building Costs

If you’ve recently had a new bathroom that you have installed and you want to get some minor construction work completed.

What is the cost for this construction work cost?

  • Moving a door could cost between £150 or £250.
  • The removal of a wall could cost a cost of £100 or £300.
  • A wall with studs is likely to cost between £200 to £400.

The dimensions of your bathroom as well as the location of it within your home will affect the price of any minor renovations you’ve made.

First Fix Cost

The next step is the installation of electrics and plumbing. Plumbing costs between £700 to £900 but this will vary based on the extent of work needed.

What about electricity?

There are some costs that you could incur at this time:

  • If you are planning to install an extractor, it could be priced somewhere between £250 or £350.
  • If you are looking to replace a fan, it’s likely to cost between £150 up to £250.
  • To install a shower with power you should expect to spend between £400 to £600.

Plastering Cost

Plastering is the process of putting on building material that coats and protects ceilings and walls.

What is the cost of plastering?

The cost of plastering is based on:

  • £390 from £510 for a bathroom with a tiny space.
  • £430 or £560 to create an average bathroom.
  • £550 to £700 to get a big bathroom.

Bathroom Suite Installation Cost

The process of installing a bathroom suite involves the addition of fixtures like toilet, bath sink, shower and a sink.

How much will building a bathroom suite set you back?

On average, the cost of installing a bathroom suite will likely be in that £750 to £1250 cost range.

Cost of fittings and final fixtures

The cost of fittings and fixtures will largely be based on the quantity of fixtures and fittings you’d like to incorporate into your bathroom renovation.

As an example, the installation of an extractor fan replacement should typically cost between £250 to £350. For cabinets for bathrooms cost will likely be around £40 or £55.

New Toilet Cost

In this article we will discuss the various kinds of toilets that you can have installed in a bathroom remodel. The most common types of toilets are close-coupled, wall-hung back to wall short projection, and rimless toilets. These estimates do not include the cost of labour and the cost of installation.

Close Coupled Toilet Cost

Close-coupled toilets are well-liked throughout the UK:

The two primary elements (the pan and the cistern) are made from ceramic with the cistern placed right on top of the pan. The majority of them have the option of dual flush.

Usually, the price of a toilet that is close coupled can be found between £50 to £300.

Back to Wall Toilet Price

The name of the game suggests that back-to-wall toilets use the wall to conceal their cistern. They also provide a contemporary minimalist style. They’re well-liked by a lot of consumers since they consume less space than many toilets.

Back-to-wall toilets are priced between £100 to £250.

Rimless Toilet Price

Rimless toilets don’t have the standard toilet rim. This lets the water run across the entire pan during every flush.

The greatest aspect?

These toilets can reduce your water usage and are easy to maintain, and are more hygiene-friendly than many other models. The price range estimated for toilets with rims is £100 up to £300.

Prices for Short Projection Toilets

The toilets extend outward up to about 65cm and less. They are less deep than standard toilets which makes them an excellent option for bathrooms with smaller spaces that are space-constrained. In most cases, the short projection toilets can cost about £100 or £300.

Wall Hung Toilet Price

The toilets are designed to allow greater space underneath as they are attached to the wall. This gives your bathroom a larger appearance.

A toilet with a wall mounted is likely to cost between £150 up to £300. But, the additional cost could be added to the bill by a few hundred pounds, for example the cistern, and the hidden frame needed to install these toilets.

New Bathtub Costs

In this article we’ll examine the price of various kinds of baths which you could choose to put in a brand new bathroom. Popular options for The UK are alcove bathtubs and free standing bathtubs, corner tubs along with shower tubs.

Alcove Bath Price

Also referred to as recessed baths, alcove baths are popular all over the UK. They typically consist of acrylic or fibreglass, and come with two or three sides that are set against the wall.

The price range for these baths typically is between £100 to £350.

Cost of Free Standing Bath

Like the name implies, a freestanding bath is not attached to walls. Most of the time, they are bigger than the average bath, meaning you’ll require a larger bathroom to be able to accommodate it. Baths that are free standing will typically cost between £400 and £700.

Corner Baths Price

The corner bathtubs were (also as the name suggests!) designed to be a perfect fit in corners of rooms. Although they take up little space they can provide an elegant look to your bathroom, and allow the use of more space around it.

Corner baths typically cost about £200 up to £600.

Shower Baths Prices

Shower baths are typically put in by families because they provide all the necessities. These baths are typically large and made to facilitate bathing and showering in one.

The price range for showers ranges from £200 from £400.

New Sink and Taps Price

In this article we will go over the price of different faucets and sinks in the bathroom that you can install. These include popular options like deck mounted taps as well as wall mounted taps as well as floor-mounted taps.

Bathroom Sink Cost

Here’s the truth.

A brand new sink can vary in cost quite a bit starting as low as £50 and all the way upwards the price to £500 (just in the supplies).

On the other hand, what’s the positive aspect?

The cost of installing the sink will be approximately the same. This is irrespective of dimensions – since it’s basically the process of fixing it to the wall and hooking it up to the waste, and then fitting the faucets.

This type of task typically takes only an hour, so you’d be expected to pay £100 to install.

Deck Mounted Taps Price

These sinks and taps are especially popular among UK householders. Deck mounted taps connect to the bath or basin through tap holes that are located around the edge of the basin. It is possible to expect the price of taps mounted on deck to range in the range of £30 to £60.

Wall Mounted Tap Price

Wall-mounted taps are affixed to the wall, and then extend to the basin or bath. The estimated price for wall mounted taps ranges from around £50 or £200.

Floor Mounted Taps Prices

Taps that are mounted on the floor are fairly modern styles. The name of the tap suggests that the taps of this kind are installed on the floor and are designed mostly for use in tubs. While the majority of floor mounted taps are within the £200 to £500 price but you may pay higher than this.

New Shower Cost

What can you expect to spend on different kinds of showers?

Let’s discuss that right now.

Mixer Shower Price

Showers that include cold and hot water sources to reach the desired temperature. Mixer showers are priced between £75 to £400.

Electric Shower Price

Electric showers are the most sophisticated variations of mixer showers which use an electronic heating element to heat the water. The cost of an electric shower ranges somewhere between £90 and £300.

Price of Power Shower

Power showers mix hot and cold water that you get from your sources. Showers that use pumps to deliver a strong and fast flow of water. They are usually equipped with thermostatic or manual controls.

In general, a power shower can cost between £150 to £500.

Thermostatic Shower Cost

Thermostatic showers offer greater temperature control than the majority of showers, and they don’t have abrupt temperature changes when the tap is switched off elsewhere in the home.

Thermostatic showers are typically priced between £50 to £250.

Eco Shower Price

Showers that are electronic or mixer are available in eco-friendly styles. These showers can minimise water usage, while ensuring the proper level of flow. Eco showers typically cost between £100 or £230.

Are you looking for a less expensive option to these?

Look into these eco-friendly shower heads, which are available at a number of DIY stores across the UK!

Wet Room Cost

Wet rooms are made to be watertight, and generally open with few or no barriers.cA person might need to have a bathroom in case they feel confined and prefer a more open area or want something more contemporary or spacious design.

The benefits of a wet space include improved accessibility and more space. It’s also simpler to maintain!

The cost of a damp room is between £4000 to around £12,000. But, it will depend on many factors, such as the dimensions of the space.

The labour cost for installing the wet space could be anywhere from between £1400 and £6500. Again, this will depend on many variables.

New Downstairs Toilet Cost

A downstairs toilet is usually priced between £600 and £1000.

If you had to employ someone to build an underground toilet, the cost is in the region of £2000 to £4000 with labour costs accounting for approximately 55% of the total cost. The best places to put your bathroom downstairs include under the stairs or in an utility room.

Bathroom Repair Costs

In time, you’re probably to require areas of the bathroom fixed. Here, we will discuss the top popular bathroom maintenance tasks you could have to tackle – along with the associated expenses.

Faucet Repair Cost

Repairs to faucets may be needed because of leakage. The typical cost for this position is between £30 up to £80.

However, if you require the complete faucet changed, the price will be roughly £25 or £150. The plumbing cost will increase by around £150 up to £250.

Caulking Cost

Caulking is the method of filling cracks and gaps using sealant. This is generally more rigid than sealant. The caulk needed to completely cover your bathroom, it should cost between £5 up to £25. In terms of labour expenses, a bathroom caulk is likely to cost at around £50 up to £130. But, it will depend on the amount of work needed.

Replastering Cost

If you are planning to re plasterise your ceiling or walls the old plaster needs to be removed prior to the new plaster can be applied. Plastering materials for a standard-sized bathroom can cost between £50 up to £100. Labour costs will likely be between £390 to £700 dependent on the dimensions and size of your bathroom.

Toilets that are blocked Cost

Toilet clogging isn’t an unusual issue. While the majority of toilet issues are fixable by using DIY methods, there are times when an expert will be required. The cost for getting the toilet unclogged fixed will be between £75 to £150. This includes all material costs.

Costs for Bathroom Maintenance

We will discuss the various costs of bathroom maintenance that you’ll have to take on. The most common kinds of bathroom maintenance are regrouting, sealing, and maintenance of toilets.

Regrouting Tiles Cost

Regrouting tiles means changing grout (the paste that fills the crevices in tiles).

As time passes grout gets discoloured and becomes black, so rerouting your tiles can provide a new, vibrant appearance in your bathroom.

The cost of rerouting is estimated to be around £20 up to £30. However, labour costs will cost between £200 to £250.

Re-sealing a Bath Cost

Sealer is usually priced around £5 or £10. The labour cost for resealing an entire bath will be between £75 and £150.

Toilet Maintenance Cost

The maintenance of your toilets is expected to cost between £60 to £100. This includes all costs for supplies.

Weekly Clean Cost

One of the best ways to ensure hygiene and longevity in a bathroom is making sure it is cleaned every week. If you do it yourself it is not going to require any labour costs and could delay the time frame before any maintenance work performed by an expert is needed in any way.

Your costs for cleaning items and equipment will likely be between £10 to £50 annually, based on the amount of cleaning products will be employed in the bathroom by itself.

Costs for Bathroom Cleaning

What is the cost to demolish the bathroom?

It could be necessary to demolish one bathroom to make room for the old one with a completely new one. You may also have multiple bathrooms and want to convert one into a completely different kind of space.

The process of removing and replacing the bathroom in your home will usually be priced between £300 to £500 in terms of labour and waste removal costs. Waste removal costs on their own are likely to be around £200 to £250 in the event that you rent skips.



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