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How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

If your kitchen is old or damaged, you should think about the installation of an entirely new kitchen. A new kitchen typically comprises new cabinets, countertops along with appliances, wall decorations and tiles.


If your kitchen is old or damaged, you should think about the installation of an entirely new kitchen. A new kitchen typically comprises new cabinets, countertops along with appliances, wall decorations and tiles.

Let’s look at the typical costs for kitchen remodelling!

The price of a brand new kitchen will differ based on the kind of kitchen you pick. A kitchen that is basic with just necessary kitchen equipment is normally priced between £4000 to £10,000. In contrast, the typical kitchen prices vary between £5000 to about £12,000.

If you’re looking for a bigger budget, you might think about investing in a high-end kitchen. These are typically priced between £13,000 and £20,000. It will come with high-end kitchen cabinets as well as intelligent appliances.

A kitchen installation through a nearby kitchen installer instead of the place you purchased the kitchen will save you lots of cost. If you’re looking to get an estimate for your new kitchen we’ll help you connect with local kitchen fitting experts.

Will your kitchen size matter?

The dimensions of your kitchen is also going to determine the cost of the kitchen, with small kitchens that have seven units or less costing about £4000 to around £15,000.

Medium-sized kitchens typically contain around 10 units. They cost between £6000 up to £17,000 and big fitted kitchens that have fifteen units and more range from £8000 to up to £20,000.

What else can have an affect on kitchen prices?

The place you buy the kitchen can affect the cost, regardless of whether you purchase it made by Howdens kitchens, or B&Q kitchens. Take your budget into account when visiting showrooms and request all costs included.

New Kitchen Cost

Here are some estimates for a new kitchen, based on the amount of kitchen appliances you’ll require

Kitchen SizeBasic AveragePremium
Small (7 Units)£4000- £6000£5000- £7000£13000- £15000
Medium (10 units)£6000- £8000£6000- £9,000£15000- £17000
Large (15 units)£8000- £10,000£10000- £12000£18000- £20000

What are the Additional Costs of a New Kitchen?

There are a variety of other costs to be considered when constructing a kitchen, including:

New Kitchen Floor Costs

One of the most important costs for kitchen fittings is flooring. If you want to put in an entirely new kitchen flooring that you want, then you ought to pay between  £60 or  £75 per square metre for kitchen tiles that will be put in by a professional tiler.

If you’re looking to find out the top kitchen flooring accessible, take a look at our review.

New Kitchen Design Costs

If you’re looking for design ideas for your brand new kitchen, consider employing an interior design professional that specialises on kitchen designs. They typically charge between  £30 or  £60 each hour but it will vary based on the particular task.

A kitchen designer can help you design and plan everything from kitchen cabinets, worktops and cabinets to the ceiling lighting and flooring.

The hiring of a kitchen designer can assist in easing the strain of a kitchen renovation, since they can ensure that everything is completed in a short time while maintaining the required standards.

New Kitchen Lighting Costs

To improve the appearance of the kitchen area, you might decide to put in modern lighting for your kitchen, like the new lighting grid that costs approximately  £900 per electrician who will install the kitchen lighting.

If you don’t require the installation of new wiring, you’ll need to shell out about  £100 for new ceiling light or wall and dim lights could cost as much as  £400 to put in.

New Kitchen Painting and Decorating Costs

For a final touch to your kitchen space, you might think about hiring an expert painting or decorator to improve your walls. This could mean painting your walls. It typically will cost you between  £300 to  £500 for a complete room, however the cost of painting will vary on the dimensions of your kitchen.

You could also decide to wallpaper your kitchen for an unique look. It should cost between  £200 or  £600 based on the kind of wallpaper you select and the size of your space.

What are the Supply Costs of a New Kitchen?

If you’re thinking of a DIY kitchen remodel or plan to source your own equipment for your kitchen, you’ll have to think about the following cost:

New Kitchen Unit Costs

Before you purchase kitchen appliances it is essential to establish your budget since there is a wide range of options to pick from such as premium and budget models. The price of kitchens that are budget-friendly are around  £20 to  £70 for a base cabinet, and  £20 to  £50 for wall units.

If you’re on the flexibility of your budget, you might think about purchasing high-end kitchen appliances, like high-gloss cabinets, which are generally priced between  £70 or  £130 for each unit.

Another option is to handle units that provide a smoother appearance and run between  £100 up to  £200 for each cabinet.

New Kitchen Unit Door Costs

For finishing off your kitchen cabinets it is necessary to put in matching doors to your kitchen unit. The most well-known alternative is high-gloss kitchen cabinets doors, which provide a large amount of shine. The cost for doors for kitchen units ranges from  £40 up to  £80 for each door.

If you’re looking to cut costs it is possible to go with a cheaper alternative like matte kitchen cabinet doors that are usually priced at  £14 but can cost as much as  £100 for a high-end design.

New Kitchen Worktop Costs

The kitchen worktops are also a crucial aspect of any kitchen, since they can be used to cook in and store small appliances, as well as adding aesthetics. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider laminate worktops, which range from  £20 up to £50 for a square metre. Or wooden worktops, which are generally priced between  £200 up to  £400 per square metres.

If you want a more lavish finish it is possible to select top-quality materials like granite that typically costs between  £250- £400 per m2. Another aesthetically appealing and durable countertop material is marble, which costs between  £300 up to  £400 per square meter.

Find the most beautiful kitchen worktops that we have in our article on review:

New Kitchen Installation Cost

The labour costs associated with an entirely new kitchen are one of the primary aspects to take into consideration. To decide on the cost of the kitchen remodel it is recommended to examine the following costs for tradesmen.

Kitchen Fitting Costs

Kitchen fitters usually cost between  £10 to  £20 per hour or the daily cost between  £150 up to  £250. The total cost of labour will be contingent on the time it takes to set up the kitchen.

A small basic kitchen could cost between  £300 to £750 in labour, whereas an average-sized kitchen might be priced at  £600 or  £1000. The larger kitchens that are of good quality might have costs for labour that range between  £900 and  £1500.

Electrician Cost

Another crucial tradesperson you must employ is an electrician whom you’ll need to employ to set up your lighting which will cost you between  £30 to  £60 per hour.

It is also necessary to engage an electrician to set up the electrical appliances. They usually charge anywhere from  £170 up to £340 daily. This is for fixtures like an electric cooker, which must be connected to the main electrical supply.

Plumber Cost

Before you can install your kitchen worktops, it is necessary to engage a plumbing professional to set up your kitchen sink as well as washing machine, and connect it to the property’s water supply.

In a small kitchen the task could only require an hour or two to finish, and it should cost about  £30 up to  £60 per hour. However, the larger kitchen could take longer, and the plumber could be charged a daily fee in the range of  £200 or  £400.

How long does it take to construct a brand new kitchen?

The cost of the kitchen will be determined by the length of time required to construct an entirely new kitchen. To make it clear how long you’ll need to wait for your brand new kitchen to be constructed check out the table below that spells out the timelines for kitchens of various sizes and qualities.

Kitchen sizeTime frame of the basic timeAverage time framePremium time frame
Small kitchen (7 Units)Two – three days3- 4 days4 to 6 days
Medium-sized kitchen (10 units)3- 4 daysBetween 4 and 5 days5- 7 days
Large kitchen (15 units)Between 4 and 5 days5 to 6 days6-8 days

How Much Does Each Stage of a New Kitchen Build Cost?

There are several stages when installing a kitchen. These include:

Old Kitchen Removal Cost

When you are building the new kitchen, the old kitchen needs to be taken away. This involves tearing out countertops and kitchen units, which will cost you around £200 and removing tiles will typically cost between £12 up to £20 per square metres.

Kitchen removal could require hiring a plumber to take away the sink and washing machine. An electrician might be needed to unplug your cooker as well as any other electrical appliances or lighting fixtures. Both will charge between £30 or £60 per hour for their services.

To dispose of your kitchen, you might need to hire waste removal experts who charge between £70 or £300 depending on the amount of your kitchen’s contents that must be taken to the dump.

Cost of Relocation of Plumbing and Cable

After the old kitchen is taken away, you will be able to decide if any plumbing or cables need to be relocated in order to allow for appliances.

Moving the electric cooking appliance, expect electricians to cost between £170-£340 for a full day’s worth of work. However, the cost for move an electrical socket or socket costs around £150 for a period of about 3 hours of work.

If you want to relocate the kitchen sink, be prepared to shell out between £500 or £800 for an experienced plumber to finish the task.

Small Building Costs

Another essential kitchen installation job requires minor building work, such as removing walls to create more kitchen, which usually costs about £20 per square metre for a block. It can cost upwards of £40 per square metre to remove the brick wall.

After the wall has been demolished and the wall is removed, you’ll need to get the wall made of studs constructed, which is usually priced from £800 to £900. It is a Door frame that will need to be put in place to make a kitchen entrance that will cost about £200.

First Fix Cost

When the building work is done and you are ready to concentrate on the plumbing and electrical work. This involves installing a brand new kitchen sink, which typically cost between £200 up to £400 for an experienced plumber to install it and connect it to the water supply.

Installation of electrical appliances, such as the new cooker will cost you between £30 to £70 depending on the size and performance of your cooker. It is also necessary to employ an electrician to set up new sockets that typically cost approximately £100 or £170. The installation of new lighting is generally charged at £60 or £100 depending on the light.

Plastering Cost

After all electrical and plumbing fixtures are installed it is possible to employ a wall plasterer to fix any wall damage. Repairs to small plaster patches typically cost between £70 and £130.

It is possible to choose to plaster your kitchen in totality if you wish to change the colour of your walls, or protect your home from damage by damp. The cost of plastering an entire space is £400-£800.

Unit Installation Cost

Once your walls are ready and dried and cured, the kitchen units are ready to be put in. The cost of installation will depend on the kind of unit you pick, as standard cabinets are typically priced around £40 to each, and high-end custom-designed units can cost upwards of £200 to install.

Worktop Installation Cost

Another essential element in any kitchen renovation is your worktops. Certain worktops are more difficult to set up than the others. For instance laminate worktops tend to cost about £240 and granite worktops could cost as much as £1800 to set up.

Last Fixtures, Fittings and Final Fixtures

To complete your kitchen’s installation and to finish it off, you must paint your floors and walls with tiles. The cost will range from £20 up to £50 per square metre to an experienced tile setter to lay flooring and wall tiles.

It is also worth considering hiring an expert painter and decorator to refresh the walls in your kitchen. It should cost about £300 for a kitchen that is small and upwards of £500 and more for larger kitchens.

New Kitchen Worktop Costs

Before you decide on the home kitchen worktops You must know the advantages of different kinds of worktops as well as their prices. To assist you in making the right choice, here’s an overview of the cost of different kitchen worktops.

Solid Wood Worktop Cost

Solid wood worktops are a preferred option for kitchens that are traditional since they give a timeless design and are also extremely robust and environmentally friendly. Solid wood worktops typically cost anywhere from £50 up to £150 each square metre for installation and are ideal for people with a modest budget.

Laminate Worktop Cost

Laminate worktops are among the most affordable options since they typically cost between £20 up to £50 per square metres. This is a good option for those who are looking at budget kitchens and seeking a non-scratch and safe kitchen worktops.

Granite Worktop Cost

One of the most costly countertops for kitchens is granite, which can cost between £250 and £400 per square metre. It is a great material for those who want to spend a lot because it has the highest level of heat resistance and scratch resistance that allows its use for years.

Quartz Worktop Cost

Quartz is a different option that can be costly that is typically priced between £200 up to £500 per square metre. It is a material similar to granite, but it also has the advantage of being flexible, which means there is less chance to break or chip.

Corian Worktop Cost

Solid surface worktops like Corian can be perfect for those with a limited budget as they mimic expensive marble worktops, but at less cost that ranges from £100 or £300 per square metres. It’s also very simple to fix and comes in various designs available.

New Kitchen Units Cost

With so many kitchen cabinets, it is difficult to decide which type of cabinet is best for you. To aid you in making your choice this is a list of the different types together with their respective prices.

There are a variety of kitchen cabinet materials, including:

  • Solid wood
  • MDF is covered with laminate
  • Chipboards covered with laminate
  • Solid wood that has been painted

Kitchen Unit Types

You can pick from the following types of units:

Standard Base Unit

The cabinet is usually placed close to the floor. It has two or three doors that open onto one side. They typically cost between £20 up to £70 for each cabinet.£

Larder Unit

Larder units are generally tall cabinets that have diverse sections to store food which needs to keep cool. Larder units typically cost about £100 for cupboards that are budget-friendly While premium units can be priced as high as £400.

Drawer Unit

A drawer usually has up to five drawers that place things like cutlery, other kitchen appliances. Drawer units typically cost between £50 up to £140.

Pan Drawer Unit

A pan drawer is designed to hold a range of cooking equipment, including pans. The cost of a pan drawer is between £30 or £60 in a cupboard.

Corner Base/Floor Unit

Corner base units are usually installed at the corner of the kitchen between the floor units. Corner base cabinets typically cost between £90 up to £130 in a unit.

Standard Wall Units

Wall units are generally placed over appliances and splashbacks that have similar designs to the standard base unit. They usually cost £20 or £50 for each unit.

New Kitchen Appliances Cost

A brand new kitchen will not be complete without new appliances. There are many appliances are required to have your kitchen up and running, including:


A refrigerator is among the most essential appliances in the kitchen because it can help keep your kitchen fresh and clean, as well as providing convenience while cooking. Prices vary from £130 on a simple refrigerator and upwards at £4500 for a high-end model.


Another popular option to consider for a kitchen can be a fridge freezer consisting of the fridge over or in close proximity to the freezer. These are typically priced between £400 up to £4500 for a standard fridge freezer, whereas the cost of a fridge freezer that can be controlled from your smartphone can cost anywhere between £2000 up to £7000.


The kind of cooker you pick will allow you to increase the efficiency of your kitchen, because it has an oven and stove. The price for gas cooktops is typically about £140 to £1000 while the price of electric cooktops can cost between £210 and up £2000.


It is also possible to purchase an oven by itself without a stove. A conventional oven will cost between £170 to £1800 While a gas oven could be bought for between £400 or £700.


Hobs can be purchased separately, with basic hobs starting at £80 Hobs with high-tech features equipped with touch screen controls could be purchased for as much as £1700.


If you’re able to fit it within your kitchen area, then you might choose to invest in dishwashers instead of taking the time to wash the dishes manually. Dishwashers are available for about £210 up to £1600.

Washing machine

The most popular kitchen appliance is a washing machine that is often integrated into kitchen appliances. They are typically priced around £220 for a basic washing machine, and as high as £2200 for a more sophisticated model with extra control options.

Tumble dryer

Larger kitchens could be equipped with an appliance to fit a tumble dryer that will permit you to integrate the kitchen appliances with utility. The average tumble dryer costs about £200 for a basic model, while a modern model could be priced upwards of £2400.

Kitchen Sink Replacement Cost

In calculating the price of the new kitchen it is essential to factor in the cost for replacing your kitchen sink. Employing a plumber to change the kitchen sink typically costs approximately £70-£150 to take away your old taps and sinks, and then install new fixtures.

If you are planning to build it yourself, you’ll only have to think about the cost of purchasing the brand new sink for your kitchen. There are a variety of sinks for kitchens that you can pick from, including:

Type of Sink500mm (Width)100mm (Width)
Steel stainless£30 to  £180£40 to  £370
Ceramic£140 to  £S215£190 to  £230
Granite£180 to  £290£190 to  £300

Kitchen Repair Costs

After having your kitchen for an extended period of time, you could begin to see signs of damage that could alter the look of your. Instead of spending money on an entirely new kitchen, consider making a budget for repairs.

You can do it yourself or employ an expert kitchen fitter who can charge between  £10 up to  £20 each hour, for smaller repairs.

Common kitchen repairs include repairing scratches on worktops. This is simple using laminate. If the material must be cleaned then filler is placed on the affected area and allowed to dry. The worktop should be cleaned after drying and make it appear as if the worktops are fresh and new.

Granite worktops are extremely durable, however they are vulnerable to cracks, which can be a challenge to repair. This involves cleaning the surface thoroughly using a granite-friendly cleaning agent and then applying an epoxy gel that is translucent on the area that has been damaged.

After the granite is dry, then use a sanding tool to smooth the granite so that it matches the rest of your worktop and then buff it.

To avoid costly repairs, it is essential to keep your kitchen cabinets, countertops and tiles to ensure that they are durable and last for a long time.

Consider hiring an expert kitchen fitter to maintain your kitchen since they know how to take care of kitchen cabinets and worktops. They usually charge a per-day price ranging from  £120 up to  £200 for extensive maintenance on your worktops.

To extend the lifespan of your granite worktops You must clean frequently with soap and water in order to keep it from staining. Also, you should apply a sealant that will stop the granite from absorption of liquids. The cost of granite-friendly cleaners is about  £20 up to  £40 each bottle.

If you decide to use laminate for your worktop It is recommended to keep it maintained by polishing it with a laminate to preserve its shine. The polish must be applied on a clean surface with dry cloth.

It is then allowed to dry before being buffed to improve the shine. Laminate polish can be purchased at a cost of between  £6 and  £13 a bottle.

Cost of removing a Kitchen

If you’ve got an old kitchen that has damaged countertops, flooring or cabinets If you are in this situation, you might think about taking it down and replacing it with a brand new kitchen. It is possible to remove your kitchen by yourself, but most kitchen fitting companies will include the cost in their final quote, which is a quicker and more efficient option.

They typically charge  £200 to take away the worktops and units. they could also add  £12 up to  £20 to each square centimetre to take away floor and wall tiles.

Additionally, you will need to engage an electrician to take away any electrical fixtures such as electric cookers or lighting. This will cost you between  £170 or  £340 each day based on the scope of the work.

For the removal of your washing machine and sink You should employ an experienced plumber to make sure that everything is properly disconnected. Professional plumbers typically cost  £30 up to  £60 an hour to complete this kind of task.

After everything is taken out, you’ll need to dispose of old kitchen equipment and appliances, which is why you should look into hiring a garbage removal service to dispose of all the junk. The cost of this is between £70 to  £300 and the price is based on the quantity of trash you’ve got.

If you plan to move your kitchen by yourself and you are not a professional, then you have to rent an appropriate skip. The cost of a dumpster can vary between  £60 for the smallest skip up and up to  £300 for a skip that is lockable.



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