Painter Costs & Prices Guide 2023

Do you want to know the cost of decorating and painting costs? How much does a professional painter cost?

This price guide will explain the cost a painter or decorator will charge, including paint costs.

Painter Costs & Prices Guide 2023

Do you want to know the cost of decorating and painting costs? How much does a professional painter cost?

This price guide will explain the cost a painter or decorator will charge, including paint costs.

How Much Does a Painter Costs & Prices Guide 2023

We’ve put together this price checklist in our post that will show the average painting and decorating prices across the UK for those who do not possess the time or the energy to put off your overalls and begin painting. A new layer of painting is a fast and easy way to give your home a fresh look and feel.

How much will an interior decorator or painter cost?

Costs for decorating and painting are in the average range of approximately £160 between £180 for a day. the price at London most likely to cost a bit higher.

The majority of day-time charges range from £150 to £200 for a day. Painting the ceiling and walls of a smaller room (about 2.2m by 2.4m) will cost around £200 or £250 and will take less than one full day.

A huge space (about 6m 5m x 6m) is priced between £400 to £450 and should take no more than two days to finish.

Remember to add in the cost of painting:

For painting a one-bedroom apartment it is £700 between £800. A two-bedroom apartment will cost £900 to £1,000.

If you want to paint a three-bedroom flat, it will cost you approximately £1,100 to £1,150. A four-bedroom semi-detached home typically is priced between £1,200 and £1,250. A detached five-bedroom house will cost around £1,300 to £1,500.

The reason for this is the quantity of materials required. So, for a smaller space, you can expect to pay between £200 and £300 for an average-sized room. It is between £250 and £400 and a room that is large will cost between £400 and £650.

However, various jobs can alter the cost because of accessibility or the task involved. Thus, wallpapering the room would cost £250 to £500. Repainting an entrance and stairs will cost between £450 and £650. There’s another thing to think about…

Be aware that costs in different regions of the UK may be more expensive for hiring a painter and decorator than in other regions. Painter and decorator prices in London are higher than elsewhere. This is because of the rising cost of living in London.

Expect to pay between £300- £500 for the London region and £200 and £400 in the areas that are not in London.

Painter and Decorator Prices

A more comprehensive listing of the most common examples is provided on the following table. Although your house isn’t likely to be as large in these ways, you could utilize the measurements for comparison to your home.

Then, you can calculate what it would cost for painting or designing your property, and the time it takes to complete the task. Keep in mind that these prices don’t include VAT and may vary according to various factors, including your country of residence.

Walls and ceiling of a modest room (about 2.2m x 2.4m)£200 – £250
A large room (about 6m x 5m)£400 – £450
1-bedroom flat£700 – £800
2-bedroom flat£900 – £1,000
3-bedroom flat£1,100 – £1,150
4-bedroom semi-detached house£1,200 – £1,250
5-bedroom detached house£1,300 – £1,500
Small room£200 – £300
Medium room£250 – £400
Large room£400 – £650
Wallpaper a room£250 – £500
Repaint hallway and stairs£450 – £650

What are the Supply Costs of Painter and Decorator Jobs?

If you’re planning to do a DIY painting or decorating project, this article will help you determine the tools and supplies you’ll require for the job regardless of whether you are wallpapering or painting your home. Here you can find everything that you require without extra costs or labor.

In terms of tools, all home decorators and painters must have the paintbrush that typically costs around £7 or £30 and a paint roller could cost £15 to £30 for a high-quality paint roller, while a paint tray could cost £3 or £7.

Also, you will require dust sheets to avoid any paint from getting on the floor. These typically cost between £10 and £30. Masking tape to prevent it from going onto the skirting boards will cost £5 to £9. Sandpaper is priced at between £3 and £15. A step ladder will cost £30 to £60 and a filler (if required) costs £6 and £18.

If you plan to wallpaper it, you’ll require wallpaper scrapers, which cost between £6 and £10. A table for wallpaper paste costs £9 to £20, while a brush for wallpaper pasting will cost £5 to £8 Additionally, you’ll require buckets that cost £3 to £5 You will also require a wallpaper roller that costs £5 or £9.

The cost of basic wallpaper is typically between £16 and £160 per roll. However it depends on the kind of design and the kind of wallpaper you’re applying, it will impact the price.

A majority of the time it is recommended to buy the wallpaper depending on the wallpaper you like. Wallpaper paste is usually priced between £3 or £16. In the event that you’re using a steamer to take off wallpaper, be prepared for lots of dampness.

A steamer can be purchased for between £25 to £45. It’s beneficial to move furniture items such as your sofa to the middle of the room and then cover the furniture to keep the furniture from becoming damp.

For wall paint for interior walls you can expect to pay £1 to £20 each liter. For satin paint, it’ll cost between £6 and £27 for a one liter. Satin paint costs £2 – £22 for a Liter.

Paint for kitchen cabinets typically costs between £16 and £46 per Liter. For internal cladding, you should expect to spend £13 to £23 per square meter.

Below, you will illustrate the costs of paint and decorating tasks without cost for labor or other costs.

Tools/MaterialsAverage Cost
Paintbrush£7 – £30
Paint roller£15 – £30
Paint tray£3 – £7
Dust sheets£10 – £30
Masking tape£5 – £9
Sandpaper£3 – £15
Step ladder£30 – £60
Filter£6 – £18.
Wallpaper scraper£6 – £10
Wallpaper paste£3 – £16
Wallpaper pasting table£9 – 20
Wallpaper pasting brush£5 – £8
Bucket£3 – £5
Wallpaper roller£5 – £9
Wallpaper£16 – £160
Steamer£25 -£45
Interior wall paint£1 – £20 per liter
Gloss paint£6 – £27 per liter
Satin paint£2 – £22 per liter
Kitchen cupboard paint£16 – £46 per liter

What are the Additional Costs of Painter and Decorator Jobs?

When you hire a painter and decorator to visit and perform jobs in our homes it is possible to pay additional charges for other tasks completed within your home.

We will discuss the additional expenses associated with decorating and painting, so you are aware of the costs when you hire a painter or decorator.

New Flooring

When you’ve completed painting and decorated, it is possible that you may like to alter the look of your entire space and lay new flooring. What is the cost?

The cost of flooring installation is between £400 and £1000 typically. The price of flooring will differ based on the kind of flooring you select and the size of your space.

The cost of labour is among the most important factors to take into consideration, as flooring installers can charge different rates for various kinds of flooring. The cost of a tradesman can range between £40 to £500 depending on the amount and kind of carpet you’d like to install in your house.

Based on the dimension and the type of flooring you want to install, flooring that is new at home can cost anywhere between 3 and 4 days. Refer to our article on the cost associated with the installation of flooring.


Before you begin wallpapering or painting, make sure that your walls are prepared and plastered. This will ensure that you are able to protect and seal your walls, particularly when you have wet areas that require to be repaired.

The cost can vary based on the amount of wall space that is required to be covered. However, experienced plasterers generally charge about £200 for a ceiling with a small area and as high as £730 for a ceiling that is large.

Replastering a small space will cost you around £400 to £500 and a new one could cost between £600 or £700. Replastering large rooms costs between £550 to £700, whereas the new plastering job costs approximately £1400 to £1000. We recommend that you read our guide to the cost of plastering for more details.

Cost of Removing Artex

If you are planning to have your ceiling (or room) painted, you might be interested in having Artex taken off your ceiling. Artex removal can cost anywhere between £400 to £1,950.

A typical tradesman will be charged between £150 to £250 each day to every worker. This means that if the work is extremely complicated due to the dimensions or arrangement of your rooms the tradesman may have to work as an entire team of two instead of a single one.

But, once the contractors have provided you with an estimate for the work it will all be clear. A tiny room could require a couple of hours to one day to tidy; however, a complete home can take a lot longer, possibly one week. Of course it has an impact on the cost and the contractor will be able to help you understand the implications of this when determining pricing.

Another factor that influences the duration of time it takes to complete is the condition of the Artex because it’s easy to get rid of Artex that is beginning to flake, crack and begin to show indications of wear.

The cleaning up process following Artex removal could take a considerable time since the area could be untidy and dusty that the contractor wishes to get completely cleaned up and the entire Artex removed before departing. We recommend that you read our guide to the cost of taking out artex.

New Lighting

It’s possible that you’ll need to take down the lighting fixtures prior to wallpapering or painting your walls. Then, you may either put them back in place in their place or substitute them for brand new lighting fixtures.

The cost of installing new lighting will differ based upon the quantity of lighting you need and the size of space you have in your space. An average fitting costs around £60 to set up, whereas new wiring and lights can be as high as £1000.

Installing ceiling lighting in your living area or bedroom may cost anything from £6 for a basic flush mount light, to as high as the price of £2000 for chandeliers, if you’re remodeling.

If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen, think about hanging pendant lights above the cabinet in your kitchen. They usually cost between £30 to £500 for each light.

You may want to consider adding spotlights to your bathroom as you remodel to enhance the look of your walls and tile coverings. Bathroom spotlights typically vary in cost from £15 and up £250.

Damp Walls or Stained Ceilings

If you’ve set aside money to paint, then you could be confronted with a shock when the artist reveals the amount of work they’ll need to complete.

Dry areas, like aren’t able to be covered using the final color. To make sure that moisture doesn’t be able to penetrate the paint within some months of applying the paint will need to be first sealed.

Ceilings stained by nicotine require an acid wash with sugar prior to painting. Any flaking gloss on woodwork will require a burn off. These take more time and will cost more.

Removing Wallpaper

If you have to take off wallpaper, you should take it on yourself. In contrast to other aspects of decoration, removing old wallpaper requires no expertise and can be accomplished by anyone who is not a professional.

This could uncover hidden issues within your walls before employees arrive, which could result in more benefits than slight reduction in labor costs. One of the worst things you can do is for your decorators at the end of a job and realize that the entire room requires repainting.

This is a great way to prolong the life of your painting if you prepare ahead of time. It’s a job that could hinder your decorators, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Removal of stubborn wallpaper can be time-consuming and difficult and professionals can help you save lots of time as well as effort. Removal of wallpaper costs in the range of £300 and £350 on an average.

Tradesmen Costs for Painter and Decorator Jobs

Making cuts, covering the damp and achieving an even finish isn’t as easy as simply putting the paint on the wall. Because the majority of your quote for decorating and painting will cover labor prices will differ greatly depending on the level of skill you have.

Painting and decorating professionals with lower skills are less costly but they’ll take longer to complete and they may be unable to provide the same quality of service as a expert with many years of experience. Also, there’s the mess to be aware of. Decorators who are reputable are most likely to depart their property in the same state as they left it in, instead of having to deal with the mess.

In this article, we will look at the various labour costs associated with decorating and painting jobs, without supply or other expenses.

The United Kingdom, the average salary for painters and decorators is £27,000 to £28,000 per year, that is between £14 and £17 per hour.

Beginning salaries for entry-level positions start at £24,000 a year, with top-paying professionals earning upwards of £32,000 to £33,000 per year.

For major decorating tasks like wallpapering or painting several rooms, the typical price for hiring a professional painter and decorator ranges from £100 and up to £300 per working day. However, some regions in the UK might charge more in terms of labour costs. A decorator or painter in London may cost an amount between £40 and £48 per hour.

While most decorators and painters outside of London are not charged the same amount, a lot of the south-east of England is rather expensive. The hourly rates in Newcastle will likely range between £10 to £15 per hour.

How Long Do Painter and Decorator Jobs Take?

Understanding the time required for projects to be completed at your house is an important factor since often you will need to leave for a few days. Additionally, the majority of tradespeople charge a fee for the price of their time.

The time it will take to arrive at the final price is crucial. We have put together an area to inform you about the timelines of decorating and painting jobs.

A 15 square meter surface will require between one and two days to be painted. A 30 square meter area is expected to take between 2 and 3 days of painting all-in-all and a 60m2 area to take between 6 and 7 days.

If you’re having just your bedroom painted in a box the job should take only an entire day. If you require painting or wallpaper removed, then you’ll have to extend the time by another day. If you’d like the contractor to take away and replace any furniture, the task can take between 3 and four days.

It takes 5 – 6 days to revamp the terrace of a two-bedroom house. 7 to 9 days to decorate an apartment with three bedrooms and 10-14 days to decorate a detached five-bedroom house.

Kitchen cabinets, for instance, could take between 2 and 3 days for a smaller kitchen, and as long as 5 to 6 days for large kitchens. Other chores, like painting skirting boards can take between one and two days, while the painting of a frame for a door may take just 3 to 5 hours.

The installation of wallpaper takes between 3 and 6 hours for a 10- square meter space, seven to 10-hours for a 20 square meter room, 1 to 2 days for a 30-m2 room and 2 to 3 days in a 50m2 room, on average.

Expect to spend between 7 and 10-15 hours setting up and hanging wallpapers in a 10 square meter room, 2 days in a twenty-square meter room, and 2 to 3 days in a 30-m2 room, and approximately three hours in a 50m2 room.

Accessibility, the extent to which additional work is required and if the work is completed by a professional, or DIY projects are the main factors determining the length of time it will take. If you would like to have the woodwork in your room to be also painted it could take more than a day.

Paint a 15 m2 surface1 – 2 days
Paint a 30 m2 area2 – 3 days
Paint a 60 m2 area6 – 7 days
Box roomOne day
Paint or wallpaper removalOne day
Tradesman to remove and replace any furniture3 – 4 days
Redecorate a two-bedroom5 – 6 days
Three-bedroom semi-detached7 – 9 days
Five-bedroom detached house.10 – 14 days
Painting kitchen cabinets2 – 3 days
Large kitchen5 – 6 days
Wallpapering a 10 m2 room3 – 6 hours
Wallpapering a 20 m2 room7 – 10 hours
Wallpapering a 30 m2 room1 – 2 days
Wallpapering a 50 m2 room2 – 3 days
Stripping and hanging wallpaper7 – 10 hours

Types of Painter and Decorator Jobs

Decorators and painters have a lot of jobs that need skilled people to do. In this article, we’ll break down the work that decorators and painters do and provide the cost and time frame of the task.


The hiring of a professional painter allows you to use the time you’d have spent on activities that you enjoy doing yourself. You could take back this time back and get on with your life and come back to a stunning decor by hiring an experienced professional.

A small 10 square m surface would cost £180 up to £190 to paint. A 15m2 area will be priced at £260 or £270 in paint while a larger 30 m2 wall will cost between £520 or £530 for painting.

Painting a vast surface of 60 square meters will be priced approximately £1000 and £1020 for the entire area. One wall paint will cost from £65 and £265 dependent on the dimensions.

Certain paints cost more in comparison to others. Likewise, the wall surfaces may require different methods according to their specific characteristics. The longer the work is, the more is involved, specifically when it comes to labor expenses.

In addition, the number of tradespeople as well as the level of accessibility can affect the total cost. Most likely, you’ll employ only one painter. However when the job is a lot, hiring a second worker could help you save time. It would, however, double your hourly labor costs.

What time it takes to paint a 10-m2 area of wall can vary depending on a range of aspects, but with all else being equal, it will be completed in one day or less. A 15m2 area will require about one to 2 days for painting. A 30m2 space will require three days of painting all in all, and 60m2 that will take six days.

Accessibility, whether or not extra work is needed, or if the project is completed by a professional, or an DIY project are all important factors in determining the length of time it will take. If you want to have the woodwork of your room painted this could require more than a day.


Because wallpaper installation is an intimidating task to undertake by yourself It is recommended to hire an expert to help you. There are numerous wallpaper options to choose from, each one with its average cost.

Lining paper, for instance, costs around £2 and £4 per rolled Polystyrene sheeting, however, costs between £5 and £10 per roll.

When it comes to designing the interior of your house, it’s possible to become a single-person job. But, rooms and homes can be decorated by several designers, in different scenarios.

If the space which is being decorated is big, or when a number of rooms are receiving new wallpaper, this scenario could apply. The presence of two or three workers working on the project will cut down the time required to finish the job while increasing the hourly or daily rate.

It’s hard to know if this could increase the total cost of your bill since it depends on how well laborers work together.

The process of installing wallpaper can take 3 to 6 hours for a 10- square meter space, seven to 10 hours in a 20 square meter room, one to two days for a 30 square meter room and 2 to three days to install a 50 square meter space on average.

You can expect to spend 7 – 10-hours stripping wallpaper and hanging it in a 10m2 room, 2 days in a 20m2 room of 20m2 and 2 to 3 days in a 30m2 room, and approximately 3 days inside a 50m2 room.

The amount of time it takes to hang wallpaper or strip and hang wallpaper is determined by the accessibility and how many decorators are who are on work, and the kind of wallpaper employed and whether additional work is required.

Exterior Painting

Decorators and painters don’t only work within your house. They also tackle exterior painting to give it an extra visual appeal.

The price of painting exteriors is contingent on the size of the job. Painterly rendering, for instance, could cost from £600 and £1200 as well as painting the exterior of a home can be priced in between £500 or £1500.

You might want you had your soffits or fascias painted to enhance the appearance of your exterior that costs between £700 to £1100, as well as the windows on your exterior painted at a cost of around £200-£400.

The duration of an exterior paint job is also important since people charge per hour. The bigger the job, the more time it will take, and the more expensive it will be.

If you’re looking to have someone paint your house’s sleek exterior wall, it’ll take anywhere from 3 to 5 days for an edifice home or 4 to 5 for a semi-detached or detached home.

If you have pebbledash walls If you have pebble dash walls, the time frame is likely to increase. For instance, terraced homes will take between 5 and 6 days to paint semi-detached homes and detached ones will take 7 to 9 days.


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