Mastering Interior Painting and Decorating Cost & Tips

Do you require a decorator and painter?

This article provides all the details on decorating and painting the interior of your home. We cover all painter and decorator tasks as well as their costs for labour as well as paint costs and prices!

Painting and Decorating Cost

Do you require a decorator and painter?

This article provides all the details on decorating and painting the interior of your home. We cover all painter and decorator tasks as well as their costs for labour as well as paint costs and prices!

Painting and Decorating Cost

What are the things to consider prior to painting or decorating?

When you’re redecorating, it’s important to think about the cost of painting your interior for different projects. The price of painting a room can range between £180 for a tiny bedroom upwards to £600 for a huge living space.

It is also important to take into consideration the painting and decorating costs of other fixtures, like skirting boards, which range from £180 or £350 as well as £400 to £1500 to paint windows.

Other tasks include painting doors, which can range between £220 to £1600 and kitchen cabinets can be painted for £600 or £1000.

How much will wallpapering cost you?

Wallpapering is a different major cost for decorating that is typically priced for £180 in a tiny area and as high as £600 to remove and hang wallpaper. The cost of installing internal cladding is £1500 up to £2500.

Painter and Decorator Prices

Below is a table of the typical costs you can anticipate for decorating and painting projects:

New skirting boards£15 to £26 per square meter
Internal Cladding£1500 to £2500
Hanging Wallpaper£180 to £600
Wallpaper£16 to £160 per roll
Internal cladding£13 to £23 per m2
Painting a small room£180 to £300
Painting a medium room£350 to £550
Painting a large room£600 to £800

What are the Supply Costs of Interior Painting & Decorating?

If you’re looking to cut costs by painting and decorating your home on an DIY basis, you must be aware of these charges for supplies:

Interior wall paint£1 to £20 per liter
Gloss paint£6 to £27 per liter
Satin paint£2 to £22 per liter
Wallpaper£16 to £160 per roll
Internal cladding£13 to £23 per m2
Kitchen cupboard paint£16 to £46 per liter

What are the Additional Costs of Interior Painting & Decorating?

There are other expenses you should be aware of when decorating and painting like:

New Flooring

If you are planning to decorate your walls, you might also look into upgrading your flooring. The price of a new floor can vary based on the flooring material you select, for instance should you decide to install carpet, this is priced between £90 or £900 depending upon the dimensions of the space.

There are other options for flooring, including synthetic styles such as laminate that range between £170 to £800 and you can be prepared to pay £90 or £450 to buy vinyl.

If you’re in search of an organic-style flooring like hardwood, this would cost about £550 for the 10 square-meter living area, whereas a 25 square meter area is expected to cost around £1750 and up to £2500 for pattern-patterned parquet flooring. If you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom or kitchen, think about tiling, which is typically costing £400 in a smaller area or up to £1380 for large spaces.

New Lighting

Before your walls are wallpapered or painted You may have to remove the lighting fixtures. Then, you may either install them again and replace them with brand new lighting fixtures. The cost of lighting can vary based on the amount of lighting you require in your space and the amount of space you have.

The price for installation is usually approximately £60 for an ordinary fitting, or as high as £1000 for new lighting and wiring. If you are planning to redecorate your living room and bedroom space, you might need to put in an overhead light that could cost anything from £6 for a basic flush mount light, up to the price of £2000 for chandeliers.

If you are looking to put in modern lighting in the kitchen area, you can consider hanging pendant lights to be hung over your cabinet generally costing between £30 to £500 for each light. If you are planning to redecorate your bathroom, you must think about having spotlights installed to boost the appearance of your tile and the wall coverings. Bathroom spotlights typically cost about £15 or £250.


Before wallpaper or painting it is essential to make sure that the wall is cleaned and plastered. This will protect and prime your walls especially if there are rough surfaces or areas that need to be repaired.

Cost of plastering is contingent on the size of the wall that requires covering, but professional plasterers typically cost around £200 to put up small ceilings, while an enormous ceiling may cost as high as £730.

If you require a smaller area replastering, you’ll need to budget approximately £400 to £500 for new plastering, whereas new construction is priced at £600 or £700.

For re-plastering the entire area of your home the cost will be approximately £550-£700, while an entirely new job of plastering will cost from £1000 to £1400.

Tradesmen Costs for Interior Painting & Decorating

Another cost to think about is the cost of a tradesman. A typical quote for hiring an interior decorator or painter will typically be between £100 to £300 each day for big decoration jobs, such as wallpapering or painting several rooms.

For small painting jobs, like painting door frames or cupboards in the kitchen, the painting can cost £15 or £40 for an hour.

How Long Does It Take for Interior Painting & Decorating?

The time period of a decoration job is crucial, since most tradesmen cost for their time and it’s essential to determine how long a task will take in order for you to calculate the final cost.

If you’re only getting a bedroom painted and then it will take a few hours to finish, however, should you require any removal of wallpaper or paint, this could add to the time. The work could be completed in three to four days, if you require the contractor to take away and replace any furniture.

If you’re redecorating your entire home, it could take five working days in a terraced two-bedroom home, seven days if you have a three-bedroom semi-detached property and up to 14 days for a detached five-bedroom home.

Paint jobs that are smaller, like painting kitchen cabinets could take three days in smaller kitchens, or up to 5 days in large kitchens. Other tasks like painting skirting boards usually take about one to two days when painting door frames could be completed in three to five hours.

Choosing Interior Paint

One of the most crucial factors to take into consideration is the kind of paint you’re looking for because you must ensure you choose the appropriate shade and color to match the decor of your home. It is essential to select the right paint for your needs. There are many kinds of interior paints, such as:

Matt Paint Cost

The type of paint that is classified according to its matte and smooth appearance. It costs from £1-£7 per Liter. The primary benefit for matte painting is it can be used to cover imperfections, meaning touch-ups and repairs can be done quickly.

The disadvantage for matt-painted walls is it’s difficult to clean as the removal of dirt and debris off the walls could cause damage to the look of the paint. Some manufacturers also provide a matt washable paint that is easier to clean.

Satin Paint Cost

Satin paint has pearl-like sheen and costs between £2 and £22 for a liter. In contrast against matte, satin is a lot easier to clean since it’s a reflection of more light. This makes it a great option for places with a lot of traffic such as bathrooms and bedrooms for children.

The issue with this kind of finishing is it can’t conceal imperfections, and the process of repairing them may be difficult. It may also be a challenge to apply, which is why it is recommended to hire an expert to apply your walls with satin paint.

Eggshell Paint Cost

Eggshell paint is categorized in its eggshell-like appearance. It provides more sheen than satin or flat paint. The price of eggshell paint ranges from £6 or £25 per Liter.

The most significant benefit to eggshell paint is the fact it provides an adequate amount of reflection that will prevent imperfections from revealing in the painting.

Despite its reflective properties however, eggshell paint can be difficult to clean and you must be careful when cleaning away any dirt because it can cause irreparable damage.

Semi-gloss Cost

Semi-gloss paint has a light sheen and is generally priced between £8 and £30 for a liter. This kind of paint is more resistant to moisture than other paint finishes. It is also simpler to clean.

Semi-gloss doesn’t tend to perform well on walls with cracks, bumps, or uneven surfaces because it reveals imperfections very easily. This kind of paint is more difficult for application, which is why you might need to employ an experienced painter.

Gloss Cost

Gloss paint provides the finest sheen of all finishes. It is often employed to brighten poorly illuminated rooms. This kind of paint is likely to be between £6 up to £27 per liter. It’s one of the strongest paints available.

Gloss paints can show tiny blemishes and marks on your walls. Therefore, it is best to apply this kind of paint to walls that have not been damaged. The gloss paint on surfaces can be difficult to touch-up and a new paint layer is required.

Emulsion Cost

This kind that is used for wall painting has a water base, and is made up of a synthetic resin, and is suitable for a variety of uses. Emulsions typically cost between £2-£9 per liter.

The primary benefit of emulsions has to do with the fact that they’re less harmful as other paint types because it is able to contain less volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s also simple to apply and it dries faster than other water- and oil-based paints.

The disadvantage of emulsion is that it’s more expensive than oil-based paints, and may also have an extremely slow drying time if painted in humid conditions.

Waterproof Paint Cost

Paint that is waterproof can be bought at your local DIY shop for between £3 and £20 per 1 liter.

The main purpose for waterproof paints is to attempt to stop or limit the damage caused by moisture in basements or bathrooms. It also wards off any fungal or mildew smells through the formation of the airtight sealing.

It is essential to understand that waterproof is not the only solution to prevent moisture damage and is best used to protect the surrounding.

If you’ve got a substantial quantity of damage from water then it is important to ensure that this is taken care of by a professional, rather than using a waterproof paint.

Chalk Paint Cost

This kind of paint has a smooth finish, which is commonly used to paint cabinets in kitchens. Chalk paint is usually priced about £12 up to £40 per liter. It is suitable for a variety of surfaces that do not require priming or sanding.

It also gets dried fast, and due to its thickness, it will only require one layer. The drawback to chalk paint’s thickness is it could leave marks from brushes, and it also builds up fast and ruins the appearance on the wall. It can be difficult to get it right and you should consider employing professionals.

Types of Decorating

There are a variety of other decor expenses to think about such as:

Installing New Skirting Boards Cost

When your skirting boards have been damaged, you might require a replacement to safeguard and improve the appearance to your wall. The cost for installing the new skirting board is approximately £15 or £26 per square meter.

Installing Internal Cladding Cost

To increase the insulation of your home, look into installing uPVC the cladding to shield your home from weather-related damage and moisture. The cost for installing an internal cladding system is about £1500 or £2500 on a normal semi detached home.

Hanging Wallpaper Cost

If you like wallpaper over paint, you could engage a professional artist and decorator to embellish your walls with wallpaper of your choice. The price to hang wallpaper is between £180 up to £600.


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