Skirting Board Installation Cost

We will also discuss the cost to install skirting boards, as well as the labor, supply and other expenses.

We will also discuss the length of time, the various kinds, and the cost to take down skirting boards.

Skirting Board Installation Cost

We will also discuss the cost to install skirting boards, as well as the labor, supply and other expenses.

We will also discuss the length of time, the various kinds, and the cost to take down skirting boards.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Skirting Board?

If you are considering installing skirting boards in your home, but you aren’t sure of the cost or the process of the installation of skirting boards, we are here to assist you!

Little details can give your home a fashionable appearance. For instance, do you have a floor composed of light or dark wood? Are you able to have a picture rail that runs over the upper portion of your walls, or a dado rail running across the middle of the wall?

Skirting boards are essential to form the crossings between construction materials, and could be covering up unsightly or uneven joints.

They also serve as a barrier, shielding walls from scuff marks as well as scratches resulting from humans or pets walking on it or vacuuming. But skirting boards provide more than just practical advantages. They are also essential to interior design.

The type of skirting or architrave you choose to use as well as how strong the material and the dimensions of your space, and the number of rooms that need installations all will affect the total price of the project.

If you employ an expert tradesperson to replace your architrave or skirting typically, the price includes all the materials, as well as charges for labor.

The total cost for manual labor will depend on the extent and complexity of the project. Naturally, the larger the number of rooms that require installation the longer the project will take and the labor cost will increase.

It is essential to choose the design and quality of skirting you wish to put in. Interior moldings with more intricate designs are more expensive to purchase, which will impact the budget of your project.

What is the cost of an entirely new skirting board set you back?

MDF, Softwood, and Hardwood are the three main materials used to make inside architrave and skirting. MDF is the more well-liked choice for homeowners and is also the most affordable alternative.

MDF skirting boards begin at about £8 per meter and are typically offered in lengths of four meters. MDF skirtings come in different sizes, thicknesses and styles.

Professional skirting boards will cost you between £300 to £500 for a standard-sized room, with no bay windows or a straight design, however more complicated rooms with more edges and corners to think about could cost up to £800 for labour and materials.

Additionally, many skirting board installers will also include the cost of waste removal in their quote for work.

Think about the style and how old your house is. Choose a skirting, or a door based only on the appearance.

Lack of a cohesive style can cause a lot of problems for design ideas for houses. Instead, select the desired design, style door, ironmongery, joints of plaster, and aesthetic.

Ask with your designer, architect regarding your needs. A recessed skirting or shadow gap requires sophisticated planning, as well as additional materials and labor expenses A myriad of factors influence the total price of installing the skirting board that we will look at later.

Skirting Board Prices

Here is an example table that will assist you to develop a comprehension of how the skirting board costs and the influencing factors can be compared. The table below does not include labor costs.

Skirting BoardCost (per meter)
MDF skirting board£3 – £10
Beech skirting board£8 – £25
Pine skirting board£4 – £12
Oak skirting board£10 – £25
Walnut skirting board£15 – £40
Plastic skirting board£5 – £20

What are the Supply Costs for a Skirting Board Installation?

The installation of a skirting board may be a difficult task However, having the proper equipment will make a big impact!

In this article, we’ll go over the different costs for materials needed for installing the skirting board so that you can know how much you’ll save if you choose to DIY it!

The first step is to consider safety first and safety, which is why safety goggles are required. They typically cost between £1.50 or £6 not based on the type of material and the strength of the goggles you prefer.

Protection gloves also are necessary because there are a variety of factors to consider that could cause injury or ruin your hands. It costs £1.50 or £4, while a dust mask is priced at £3 to £15.

Mitre box is used for cutting mitred joints into skirting, architrave as well as decorative wood. They cost around £7 and £13 according to the type of mitre box you choose.

Panel saws are perfect for cutting fine and coarse cuts in wood. They typically will cost you between £6 to £8. Drills cost anywhere between £60 or £100.

Glues are used to glue things together. Ensure you’re using the right glue for the job to ensure the best grip. They generally cost between £5 and £12.

Coping saws are perfect for cutting precision the straight line and curvatures of wood, and can cost around £9-£14.

MDF skirting boards usually cost approximately between £20 and £8.50. Pine skirting boards are priced somewhere between £7 and £14 and oak skirting boards are priced somewhere between £20 as well as £30.

The sheet-wood is by far the most simple task in almost every joinery work It typically runs between £15 to £40.

Depending on where you’re installing the skirting boards you might require Masonry nails specially designed to be used on hard surfaces, such as brick and concrete. The cost of Masonry nails is typically around £4-£8.

The glue PVA is employed to bind things together. Ensure you’ve got the correct glue for the task to ensure the best hold. It typically costs between £6 and £22. Tape is a must for any project of decorating or toolbox. Expect to shell out anywhere between £4 or £5 to purchase the tape.

The table below breaks down the cost of installing skirting boards:

Protective gloves£1.50 – £4
Dust mask£3 – £15
Mitre box£7 – £13
Panel saws£6 – £8
Drill£60 – £100
Glue£5 – £12
Coping saws£9 – £14
MDF skirting boards£8.50 – £20
Pine skirting boards£7 – £14
Oak skirting boards£20 – £30
Sheet wood£15 – £40
Masonry nails£4 – £8
PVA glue£6 – £22
Tape£6 – £22

What are the Additional Costs of Installing a Skirting Board?

When you have your skirting boards installed there are extra costs that arise and can affect the overall cost. You could also opt to get some other work completed at the same time. We will review the various additional costs involved in installing an edging board.

Painting and Decorating

If you are planning to redecorate your home, you should keep the cost of painting your interior for various projects in mind. The average cost for painting a room for example, can range between £180 to paint a tiny bedroom, to £600 for a huge living space.

Also, you should think about the interior design costs of other fixtures such as skirting boards that could range between £180 up to £350 as well as windows that typically are priced between £400 to £1,500.

Other tasks involve paint jobs on doors. This may cost between £220 and £1,600 and re-painting kitchen cupboards that typically range between £600 and £1,000.

Wallpapering is a different cost of decorating, with prices starting at £180 for a tiny room up to £600 to strip and then hang the wallpaper. installing internal cladding is priced between £1,500 and £2,500.

A typical quote to hire a professional painter or decorator is between £100 and £300 for larger decoration jobs like painting or wallpapering several rooms.

It could cost £15 or £40 an hour to complete small painting jobs, like painting door frames and kitchen cabinets.

The length of a decorating project is also important since most contractors begin costing for their time. Knowing the time it will take can help you estimate the price.

New Floor

The cost of flooring installation ranges from £400 to £1000 typically. The price for installing flooring however will differ based on the kind of flooring you wish to install and the dimensions of the space (s).

Carpet is a form of flooring made from textiles that is made up of nylon, wool or polyester. The cost of flooring ranges somewhere between £90 to £900.

Laminate flooring is an innovative synthetic flooring solution that looks like expensive floor options such as stone and wood. The price of installing laminate flooring usually ranges between £170 to £800.

Hardwood flooring is constructed from different kinds of solid wood including white oak beech, maple red cedar, and more. The price of putting in hardwood flooring is between £550 to £1750.

Vinyl flooring is a part of laminate flooring, however nevertheless, it has all synthetic materials like fiberglass PVC vinyl and plasticiser. The price of installing vinyl flooring varies from £90 to £450.

Tiles are usually made of ceramic or porcelain, and can be used for flooring coverings for bathrooms or kitchens. Installation of tiles usually costs between £400 to £1380. PVC skirting boards installation is most commonly used with this kind of flooring.


A single wall will probably cost you approximately £150 to £250 to put up. Plastering a room can cost anything from £300 to £900. If you are only looking to have the ceiling to be plastered, anticipate prices to range somewhere between £280 or £440 for a ceiling of a medium size.

The cost of labour could be as low as £100 up to £150 for a single wall. £300 to £360 to shave a complete area, £200 to £600 for the entire space as well as £200 to £280 to put up the ceiling.

Plastering two rooms of average size is likely to be approximately £400 and £600 while small patches of repairs could take around £100 or £200.

The size of the area that requires plastering, the general condition of the area, as well as the need for plasterboards are all variables that can affect the length of time a plastering job can take.

It is also important to be aware of whether skimming is necessary for any waste removal tasks which could be needed or your location within the UK.

Skip Hire

The average cost for hiring the 2 yard skip ranges from £70 to £100 and a four-yard skip costing £100 to £160 and an 8-yard skip that costs between £120 and £180.

A skip of 8 yards can cost around £150 and £370 on the average. A 10-yard skip is priced between £180 and £410 12 yard skips cost approximately £220 to £460.

A 14-yard skip can cost between £230 and £460 on the average. A 16-yard skip typically costs between £240 and £480. A 18-yard skip is priced approximately £280 and £500 while a roll-on type skip will range approximately £300 to £500.


Because tradespeople have different prices across the nation, where you reside will affect the price of installing skirting boards.

However the costs of hiring in the southeast tend to be more expensive than the average national, and are particularly high in London. However, the costs in northern England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are generally lower than the rest of the country.

Number of Tradesmen

The cost of installing skirting boards is also determined by the number of tradespeople required that is influenced by the size and type of boards for skirting. The more tradespeople are needed to install the skirting boards, the more costly the installation will likely be.

Tradesmen Skirting Board Installation Cost

You’ll require the help of a carpenter in order to construct skirting boards. Since skirting boards are easy projects They may charge on the low end of the scale. Request estimates from carpenters, and ask about their experiences installing skirting boards.

A skilled labourer and joiner will usually collaborate to complete the task costing between £100 to £175 per day for labour costs.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Skirting Board?

The duration of your project is affected by a variety of factors, including the kind of skirting board you choose to use as well as the quality of the material employed, the size of your space, and your number of rooms that require installation.

If you choose to hire a skilled tradesperson to put in your architrave or skirting the typical timeframe is not very long.

The duration that your work will take depends on the dimension and its complexity. Of course, the bigger the areas that need to be installed the more time it will take and will increase the cost of labor.

It takes a very short time to put up skirting boards. It is all dependent on the level of skill your carpenter has. With a good skirting fitting the flooring will be more significant than walls.

When you’re dealing with high spots on the floor, and skirting “seesaws,” the skirting needs to be scrubbed. Regarding time it is largely dependent on the finish quality.

If issues arise, however the craftsmanship is not compromised, the carpenter should finish the work in a minimum of two days.

Types of Skirting Boards

Making sure you get the concept right will help you when it comes time to confront your builder, designer or your reflection even if you’re DIY! We’ll review the various kinds of ski boards along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, you are able to make a well-informed decision which will enhance your home.

Ogee Skirting Board Costs

Ogee skirting boards are a classic design with an uninterrupted s-shaped profile across the top on the table. Ogee profiles are ideal for bringing a final touch to your space.

Our moldings are generally constructed from wood and are available in various sizes and finishes so that you get the ideal skirting board to fit your home.

In the end, Ogee skirting boards are among the most sought-after across the UK.  Although this design is often typically associated with traditional home decor, it’s well-liked in contemporary interiors as it brings a sense of elegance to any room.

The most notable characteristic that distinguishes this Ogee profile is the sloped edge at the top. It falls in a wide curve as well as the carved line below. Further designs with more ornamentation, including two sets of waves were also offered.

The size of Ogee skirtings ranges from a tinier 5mm up to the 168mm. The height you choose will be dependent on the size – or design of the area you’ll require to protect. They generally cost between £8 or £19.


  • Perfect for adding some finishing touches to your space
  • Come in different sizes
  • Popular in modern homes


  • It may be rough

Bullnose Skirting Board Costs

The skirting board with a bullnose is a well-loved contemporary design of board due to its minimalist appearance.

It’s a fantastic finishing touch to a contemporary home due to the straight lines. We offer the moldings with a bullnose to finish your skirting projects regardless of size or style.

What differentiates this skirting board design that is also known in the Pencil Round skirting is its incredibly basic layout. The Bullnose skirting can be described in different ways by different manufacturers In our case, it is known as The Rounded One Edge profile.

A round top edge is the most distinctive feature of the Bullnose profile. It’s that simple, no more and no less. Its smooth and clear surface, without any particulars, makes it an essential part of molding utilized by carpenters and builders for all kinds of interiors.

For a deeper dive into the details it is to imagine that the radius of the curve is different. You could also encounter the curve that goes all the way to the top or just is an even surface.

It’s easy to opt for the Bullnose profile. It doesn’t require too much thought into it as you’re sure that it’ll look nice and not be the focal point in the space.

One benefit worth taking into consideration is that the absence of sharp edges could make your home safer for families with kids running around. Also, it’s much more simple than this when it is time to clean the skirting boards! It typically costs between £10 or £40.


  • Unique
  • Easy to wash


  • A little unpopular

Lambs Tongue Skirting Board Costs

The tongue of a lamb Chamfering is an extremely well-known method among woodworkers and carpenters. It is an amalgamation of cubed and rounded edges joined with a 45o angled chamfer.

In skirting boards the chamfered slope generally is finished on a vertical surface. This method is employed to enhance the look and soften edges that are otherwise sharp in various kinds of wood furniture.

Lamb’s Tongue profile has been for years associated with sophistication and class. Although the style is appropriate for any modern home It is highly advised for Victorian homes as it was during this time that lamb’s Tongue changes and profile were created. The typical price is £30 to £40.


  • Classy design
  • Modern


  • Expensive

Square Edge Skirting Board Costs

This is without doubt the simplest approach to choosing a skirting board style that matches your interior. It’s also easy to maintain and affordable! Its Square Edge profile is a skirting board that has only one diagonal angle at the top. And-that’s-it.

Square Edge is a popular profile. Square Edge profile has the benefit of seamlessly changing into your architraves accentuating the impact of clean lines and wide spaces around the house.

For instance, if you choose to paint your walls using a color other than white and you want to create a single white line carved by the moldings, then passing through the architraves will create a beautiful and subtle point of view. The cost is £5 per millimeter.


  • Affordable
  • Simple


  • Basic

Torus Skirting Board Costs

A typical Tours model can come with many variations! The main characteristic is a semi-circular convex arch that runs along its front along with a curved slope moving down beneath it.

Another thing to note is the fact that the upper layer on the mold is square and is thinner as the other molding.

The Torus skirting is loved in period homes. They typically provide a wide selection of finishes and materials which resemble woods like walnut or oak, making the Torus profile a great option for renovating. It typically costs between £7 and £10 per meter.


  • Affordable
  • Great for homes that have a period feel


  • Wood that is thinner

Ovolo Skirting Boards Costs

Ovolo skirting boards with a profile often referred to as Egg Moulds’ have increased in popularity over the past few years. The Ovolo is similar to those of the Ogee and Torus models in that it is curvature, but its shape is less round. It is also positioned on the edge of the skirting board instead of an engraved line.

This skirting board design is utilized in traditional and contemporary homes since it blends the best combination of the two. Its sleek lines, simple installation and simple cleaning make it a great option for modern-day homes.

It is however very subtle and could also be an ideal complement to Victorian or Edwardian houses, especially in avoiding large skirting boards! They typically cost between £5 to £15 per Meter.


  • Installation is easy
  • Ideal for a variety of properties


  • Not a very popular choice

Square and Grooved Skirting Board Costs

If you are looking for a sleek and modern style This is the perfect place for you! The most distinctive aspect of grooved and square skirting boards is the groove carved into the board that creates a similar horizontal line that runs through the entire molding.

If you’ve recently started to become fascinated by the latest trends in skirting boards you might have encountered a method called Shadow Gap.

Without going into any specifics, let’s mention that this modern design element features the gap of 10 centimeters above the floor, creating the appearance of a sleek, clean design.

This method, however, is extremely costly and cannot allow for any error. A grooved profile is useful here. You can get the exact look but for a lesser price! £6 – £10 per meter.


  • Modern design
  • Elegant


  • Not suitable for every kind of home

Victorian Skirting Boards Costs

The curvature of the house, its decorations, intricate designs, and elegance are all essential aspects of a Victorian-era house. This style of architecture, which was popular during the reign of Queen Victoria, led to a variety of magnificent homes that can be seen in the present.

Victorian skirting boards incorporate these essential elements into moldings, with intricate lines, curvatures, curves, and even slopes. They are perfect additions to high ceilings with plenty of space and a lavish look!

A typical Victorian house will have high ceilings as well as large windows. 

Additionally, the use of moldings from the past like Victorian board skirting will guarantee that your home preserves its design and style. They are priced between £6 or £14 per square meter.


  • Ideal for big properties
  • Affordable


  • Quite big

Skirting Board Installation Cost

These skirting boards have a chamfered design. They are an innovative style of board with the smooth, straight-edged finish to the top. Chamfered skirting boards are one of the most sought-after options for both builders as DIY enthusiasts. In fact, they’ve been a prevailing market standard in recent years.

The sloped edge is the primary distinctive feature of this design. A soft chamfer with a rounded top that can be cut shorter or larger based on the design. Its rounded shape and simple design makes it a great option for any interior.

Chamfered skirting boards come in a variety of sizes and finishes There is a skirting board perfect for your home improvement plan. This skirting board could cost £20 or £30 per meter.


  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Available in a variety of sizes and finishes.


  • Expensive

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Skirting Board?

In the UK The average price of hiring a professional carpenter to tear down skirting boards or a moderate-sized room is between £150 to £200. But, it is crucial to understand the many cost-related factors that influence the total price that your work will incur.

The kind of skirting board you choose to use as well as the quality of materials used, the dimension of your room, as well as the number of rooms that need installation will all influence the total cost of the project.

The total cost for manual labor will depend on the amount and complexity of the project. Of course, the bigger the rooms that require installation the longer it will take to finish and the higher the price of labor.


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