Transform Your Home: A Guide to Staircase Painting Cost

Stairs are a crucial part of the homes we live in.

We do not only rely on their frame to assist us get from one floor to another however, they can greatly enhance the appearance of a space.

If you’re planning to freshen up your home with new coats of paint, consider painting your staircase too.

Find our guide to find out more!

Staircase Painting Cost

Stairs are a crucial part of the homes we live in.

We do not only rely on their frame to assist us get from one floor to another however, they can greatly enhance the appearance of a space.

If you’re planning to freshen up your home with new coats of paint, consider painting your staircase too.

Find our guide to find out more!

How Much Does It Staircase Painting Cost?

If you’re considering the staircase to be painted. In this case it’s important to be aware of the amount you’ll end up paying for this kind of job, especially when you’re deciding whether to tackle the work yourself or employ an expert painter.

Have you got one or more staircases around your home that could use an update in paint?

Are you considering painting your stairs, but aren’t sure of the price it would cost?

We’ll paint the picture you want to see here!

We will review the costs that are associated with painting your staircase. When you hire an expert for painting your stairs, you should consider the many factors that can influence the total price.

Although it might appear easy, there are some problems you could face when painting your staircase. In this article, we will look at some aspects to think about before beginning to paint.

Time – Expect to invest a lot in time painting your staircase. It’s likely to be necessary to apply paint on each of the surfaces separately and then work on it over many days.

Game plan – It’s very easy to get distracted during the course of an assignment. To prevent ruining your work, ensure you are aware of the order you’ll be painting every surface.

Risk-The risks of painting staircases are that they can be risky because of the high levels that are involved. If you must, utilize a ladder with care and follow all other safety and health tips.

What is the amount you need to budget to paint your staircase?

The multi-angled nature and design of stairs design and construction could quickly increase the cost of you painting your structure. The typical cost for painting stairs with no preparation ranges from £350 to £450.

An expert painting project for stairways including painting and priming 63.5 square m2. Stairway that has balusters and handrails is priced at approximately £400 for the average homeowner.

The cost of putting on one colour of paint to 52 sq. feet. a staircase with handrails may range from as cheap as £225 or even £700 to prime. You can also paint one of the staircases and attempt to cover 74.5 sq. ft.

Each staircase post will cost between £3 up to £17 for each linear foot, on an average. The majority of staircases have two posts on the bottom, which can be a height of 36 inches to 42 inches.

Posts are an integral part of a safe, visually attractive stairwell. Stairway painting projects typically involve painting these posts.

To ensure that paint drips do not fall across the stairs, painters must be able to be sure to cover the area around them. The application of a few coats is required for achieving the desired smooth color. Because posts are shorter than stairs and walls typically, artists employ brushes.

In the average home, owners are charged £4 to £12 for every linear foot of professionally painted staircase. The majority of staircase railings measure between 5 and 10 feet in length and extend across the whole length of the staircase.

The price of the painting project could differ depending on the kind of paint required as well as if the fence features intricate designs that require smaller brushes and more time.

For instance painting a wrought iron railing could be more costly than painting the wooden railing.

In the event that your railings are coated at the exact time as the spindles, balusters, as well as risers, then it might even be best to delay the painting until the end of the project to allow the staircase to be put together and the job completed prior to time.

When painting wooden railings for stairways, primer and an application coat will help maintain the color for a longer time.

Staircase Painting Price

The table below breaks down the price to paint a staircase:

Paint a staircase with minimal preparation£350 – £450
priming as well as painting£400
Adding a single colour paint£225 – £700
Staircase post£3 – £17
Professionally painted staircase£4 – £12 per linear

What are the Supply Costs for Staircase Painting?

There’s no better spot to begin to create a fantastic first impression on visitors to your house than in the hallway. Since it is the first room you will see upon you enter a home an entryway is always required to be redesigned.

Giving the staircase and banisters a new coat of paint is a great method to improve the appearance of an entrance. Take note of these tips when you are planning to construct the stairs of your dreams.

Begin in the early morning, or after the entire family is outside in the garden and busy in the downstairs area and will not require an entry for quite a while. Start after the children are asleep. You may be required to paint for a period that spans several weeks.

It is important to allow enough time in order for your paint to completely dry before you walk on it. Since the longer you let dry the paint, the more long-lasting it will become. It’s important to think about knowing that your primary bathroom is located upstairs.

Start painting sequentially, starting with the top of your work and moving downwards. Based on where you’d like to finish you do not wish to be on the wrong flooring. This might seem like something that is easy to do, but it’s easy to get caught completely off guard.

In this article, we will discuss the costs of painting a stairwell. If you’re planning to tackle the task yourself You will find all the materials you’ll require.

You’ll need to purchase a rust-oleum chalky floor paint. It will cost £30 to £12 for a liter based on the amount you require. Also, you’ll need an electric sander. They are the most efficient method to get an even, smooth finishing on your woodworking projects.

Small sanders provide an excellent finish to furniture and crafts, making them ready to be painted or refinished.

When large quantities of material require removal, efficient tools employ various motions to remove surfaces quickly and effectively. The cost will be around £18 and £40 according to the quality you want.

You’ll require a dust mask to prevent breathing in particles from the materials that you’ll be working on. Face masks are a crucial element of keeping safe at the work site or at home working on DIY projects.

They’re a cheap and high-quality method of making sure that you do not breathe in anything dangerous. They cost between £3 and £23.

You’ll need a paint scraper. This is priced at £4 or £10 based on the type of paint. Fillers made of wood to fill in any gaps will cost you £4 or £12. If you use the right brush or sprayer you’ll be able to make your painting look stunning.

The best paint brush or sprayer will make the world of difference. A paint sprayer can cost between £30 and £46 and paintbrushes cost between £6 and £15.

If you have the right brush or sprayer you’ll be able to make your painting job appear stunning. The correct paint brush or sprayer can make a huge difference.

A paint sprayer can cost between £30 and £46 and paintbrushes cost from £6 to £15. The paint you use for your staircase is priced between £20 and £40 such as the type of paint you choose and the quantity you’ll require to complete the task.

The table below breaks down the costs of materials needed for painting the staircase:

Rust-oleum chalky finish floor£12 per liter
Small sander machines£18 – £40
Dust mask£3 – £23
Paint scraper£4 – £10
Wood filler£4 – £12
Paintbrush£6 – £15
Paint spray£30 – £46
Staircase paint£20 – £40

What are the Additional Costs of Painting a Staircase?

After having the stairs painted may decide to do additional work on your property or discover that other expenses have piled up to raise your overall price. In this article we’ll discuss the different costs that are added on so that you are aware of what to expect.

Cost to Paint Interior Doors

If you’re DIY-ing or hiring a professional to complete the task, start by determining the size of everything that needs to be painted. For instance, the average cost for painting an interior door is based on the dimensions that the door is, as well as the amount of doors that need to be painted and local labor rates.

Most doors for interior use cost between £50 to £200 for painting. Doors that are open to the outside on the other hand can be more expensive with prices ranging from £200 and £300. Glossing costs for a door can vary depending on the kind of paint used and the amount of coats required; however, it is expected to be somewhere between £60 and £100 for an interior door.

While it is possible to recoat painted doors to get a good look, you will not be able to keep the painted work on others. It’s best to think about hiring an expert paint stripping dipping service to rid your home of the lumpy, goopy old shine. Door stripping can cost about £15 or £25 for each door.

Painting and Decorating

If you are considering redecorating, think about the amount interior painting would cost for various jobs. Painting a room, as an instance, could range from £180 for a tiny bedroom, to £600 for a big living space.

It is important to consider the expense of decorating and painting fixtures, such as skirting boards that cost approximately £180 and £350 as well as windows, where painting cost between £400 to £1,500. Paint doors are priced between £220 to £1,600, and repainting kitchen cabinets is priced between £600 to £1,000.

Wallpapering is yet another major decoration expense, with costs that range from £180 for a bedroom that is small up to £600 to strip and then hang wallpaper, whereas the inner cladding costs between £1500 and £2,500.

An average quote to hire a professional painter or decorator for major decorating tasks such as wallpapering or painting many rooms can range from £100 to the range of £300 for a day.

For small painting tasks like painting doors frames or cabinetry, the company might begin charging £15 to £40 each hour.

If you’re just painting your bedroom in a tiny space it will take only one day. However should you require any paint or wallpaper removed it will require an additional day. The process typically will take up to 4 days if you need the contractor to take away and replace any furniture.

A terraced home with two bedrooms can be decorated within five days, a three-bedroom semi detached house in seven days and a detached house with five bedrooms within 14 days.

Painting House Exterior

The cost of painting outside is determined by the size that the job will take. Rendering painting, for instance, could cost between £600 to £1,200, whereas painting the exterior of a home can cost between £500 and up to a price of £1,500.

To enhance the look of the exterior of your home, you might be interested in having your fascias and soffits painted. This can be done for somewhere between £700 and £1,100. Also, you can have your windows on the outside, which ranges from £200 or £400.

Repainting the walls of your garden can cost around £100 and £320 Repainting fences can cost between £100 to £340 as well as painting decking is priced from £120 to £430. Painting outdoor woodwork, such as sheds, can cost between £100 and up £350.

The length of the exterior paint job is crucial because tradespeople are paid per hour therefore the larger the job, the more time it will take, and the more expensive the cost.

If you’re planning to have someone paint the exterior of your house the terraced house will take between 3 and 5 days, while a detached or semi-detached house will take between 4 and 5 days.

It varies according to the person you choose to hire as a tradesperson and the location you are in within the United Kingdom. For painting exterior furniture or walls A painter and decorator generally charges somewhere between £100 and £300 per day.

It is different based on whether you are sole proprietor or part of a company and also your place of residence.


The bigger the stairs, the more costs of painting the staircase. However it isn’t necessarily the case, but an oversized staircase may require more materials and require a bit more time for maintenance than one with a smaller one. However, this is not likely to be a major financial factor.


The time required to finish the work can or might not affect the cost of the job as it is dependent on how the tradesperson performs. In certain instances contractors are paid a large amount upfront, while in other cases, they’ll be paid hourly.


Cost of living for your local area influences the prices that businesses or individuals decide to set, along with the demand and supply levels in your region.

Another aspect to take into consideration is how fast nearby companies will arrive at your home. The cost of their gasoline will increase as the distance they travel takes longer and will increase the total cost.

Tradesmen Costs for Staircase Painting

Since many of the staircase’s components are painted, this needs to be taken into consideration when calculating the final cost.

The staircase could be without walls or treads, stairs, handrails, posts, ceiling, spindles and handrails. Since paint can cause stumbles on the staircase, treads for stairways are not often painted.

Because of this, stairs aren’t usually part of the price of painting staircases. Every product is able to be painted separately in a bigger task. Most of the time a painter can finish all of the painting in one go to ensure that the staircase looks great after the project is completed.

On the phone the painter is in a position to provide you with a complete estimate. They will have to inspect the current paintwork and figure out whether there are accessibility issues in your house. Also, ask questions to ensure that you’re prepared for anything.

What factors have to be taken into consideration when searching for a skilled painter for a reasonable cost? It is possible to accept cash payments for any work completed if you do not pressure the artist to not pay taxes.

This usually means that you won’t receive any receipt, and consequently there is no warranty for the service offered.

Be aware that many painters begin charging per hour, which means that the more things that have to be painted the more time it will take for the painter to finish the task.

Professionally trained painters can determine the price of a project by determining the scope of the project and taking into all aspects including walls and treads, risers, spindles, balusters and posts and stairways, as well ceilings which may or might not require to be painted.

The additional work of painting the spindles of a staircase or painting the walls of the staircase can add cost to the project.

If you choose to hire a painting service it pays for understanding, efficiency and cost of labor as well as a superior painting service. Employing a painting company to alleviate stress is worth the extra cost of painting for some.

Your contractor might also provide you with ideas for painting your staircase to help bring your staircase to life.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the price of a tradesman. A typical quote for hiring a painter is between £100 to £300 for a day. Staircases with smaller painting jobs are usually cost at a rate per hour of £15 to £40.

Prices for tradesmen per day however can range from £150-£300, with the charges within London along with the South-East often approaching, but not exceeding, the higher amount.

Because paint needs to remain dry after each layer, the color employed can affect how long each room will take to finish. Decorators and painters often collaborate on larger projects.

The hiring of a single tradesperson could appear to be the most economical option. But this usually means that the work will take a lot more time and will save little or any time and in certain instances it will cost more.

If you choose to employ a painter, you’ll enjoy benefits including:

  • Long-lasting, higher-quality results.
  • They are observant for any damage that requires to be addressed.
  • They keep an eye for any damage that requires to be addressed.
  • They’ve been taught how to remain safe while on the job.
  • They’ve been trained on how to remain safe at work.
  • They can finish the work efficiently and quickly.
  • You don’t need to fret about your steps because they’ll be taken by the experts.

The table below breaks down the labor costs associated with painting the staircase:

Average painter day costs£100 – £300
Painter hourly rates£15 – £40
London painters£150 – £300 per day

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Staircase?

When you’ve decided to give your staircase a new layer of stain, you might be thinking, “Do I have the time to complete such a time-consuming task?” and “Can I do this any faster?”

The answer to the first question is sure. painting your staircase isn’t necessarily something you can tackle by yourself, however it could be a job that’s more simple than you think.

The painting of stair spindles can be separated into four stages:

  • Cleaning
  • Sanding
  • Painting
  • Primer application

It’s your choice if you’d like to recite these steps repeatedly while working; it can give you more motivation to continue. In this article, we’ll go over the process of painting a stairwell so that you can know the amount of time you need to set aside for this project. It’s around 8 hours and spread across four consecutive days.

Tape the area along the stairwell to shield the other balustrades from unexpected paint drops can take up to about two hours. The staircase will require three coats total depending on the color and the type of spindles you have. They may need less.

The initial coat typically takes three hours, the next coat takes two hours, and the last coat only takes an hour since all that is required is an extra coat.

The table below breaks down the amount of time needed to paint the staircase:

Painting a staircase8 hours over four days
Taping the areas and painting2 hours
First coat3 hours
Second coat2 hours
Final coat1 hour

Types of Staircase Paint

Painting your stairs is an effective method to transform your hallway as well as an excellent project for novice DIYers. The majority of staircases are constructed from wood and are a great material to painting. So what are the top paints for staircases?

If you’re painting your staircase for the first time there are some essential rules to be followed to ensure that the finished product is in line with your expectations.

Picking the right paint for your staircase is essential in the case of purchasing carpet runners and bars or stair rails to improve the appearance of your stairs. There’s nothing worse than putting in stunning bars and runners on stairs that are badly painted or painted with inexpensive paint.

If you are considering painting stairs, floor paint is thought to be the most suitable choice since it’s extremely durable as well as stain-resistant, washable and clean either a top-quality matt or high-gloss emulsion. Floor paints are available in a range of colors and shades; ensure you choose one that’s appropriate for floors made of wood.

It’s worthwhile to invest in a good high-quality brush to paint your staircase since it makes painting the edges much easier and leave less brush marks, which will give you an overall better finish.

We will review the various types of paints for stairs along with its pros as well as cons so that you are aware of what you can expect, and also which one is the best choice for you!

Slip Resistant

Stairs are a great choice for the durability of a durable flooring or porch that is slip-resistant paint. If you plan to apply standard latex paint apply multiple coats of polyurethane based on water to improve its durability.

Polyurethane based on oil lasts longer, but it turns yellow as it ages, and is slower to dry, and usually has more chemicals in it that can cause more odors.

Take a few days after you’ve painted before using your staircase. If you’re not able to be patient, complete only the second step for the week, and the remainder the next week. Mark the treads that are functional using painter’s tape. be prepared to lift your pets or children to and from the stairs as required.


  • Long-lasting


  • It takes time to complete
  • More chemicals
  • It could turn yellow


The Scent of paint is equally important as color. High-gloss paints are more washable and robust than matte paint however, it accentuates the imperfections. Pick semi-gloss paint only if you plan to sand your stairs clean and shield them from scuffs and high heels, or scratches from pet claws.

If you’re not applying floor paints, you can add paint traction rubber; incorporate it into the paint and sprinkle over every coat between coats. Sand-like rubber is more comfortable for feet that are bare feet or with gloves as opposed to other kinds of grit, such as aluminum oxide.


  • Washable
  • Durable


  • It could feel rough

Coloured Paint

Dark treads conceal dirt and wear, while light risers give visual definition. Colour clues can be seen in the railings, such as linking the stairs to the stairwell and turning the spindles into handrails.

Alternatively, look up the décor colours and pick the appropriate shades of black and white, pale gray and dark gray or beige and brown stairs that match the current flooring or color scheme.

If you’d like to mix open-style stairs (those with no risers) in the background by painting them to match the walls surrounding them or even put a beautiful stairwell displayed in a different hue.

Think of the stairs as an empty canvas if your style choices are bright colors, vibrant abstract art or hipster attitude. Once you have decided on the artwork for your staircase, paint the staircase and the risers with a coordinating base color.

Get your creative juices on just the risers for instance, by stenciling or painting meaningful words using a beautiful font.

You can also make use of three, four, or more standout colors to create a spiral of flowers or the geometric “waterfall,” or scenic staircase. Anyone can turn into an artist by making use of stamps and stencils.


  • Dark hides show wear and dirt
  • Lightens room


  • Not appropriate for everyone.


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