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The Best Fence Sprayer

This article is ideal for anyone who is struggling to locate the perfect fence sprayer. It provides an easy guide on how to choose the right product at the right cost.


What is a Fence Sprayer?

Fence sprayers are made to release paint through an air vent inside the nozzle, resulting in light microdroplets for spraying on your fence. Since the paint is much lighter when it is in this form it spreads more easily and evenly than using a brush or roller, and doesn’t form a clump near the bottom of the fence.

This means that the wood will be safeguarded from rot and damp giving a new lease of life and colour to your garden.

Paint sprayers typically come with different settings for the nozzle, which allows for more or larger streams of painting to be utilized in various regions. Being in a position to cover a broad section with every spray will help you save time, paint and even money!

The top sprayers for paint can paint any surface including walls, fences and even posts in your garden.

If there are any plants or furniture pieces close to the area you plan to paint, be sure that you cover them with a sheet to prevent them from getting painted as well!

Types of Fence Sprayer

There are three kinds of fence sprayers that are available including corded, cordless and manual. This article will go over the fundamentals of each together with advantages and disadvantages to assist choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Electric Fence Sprayer (Corded)

The benefits of using an electrical sprayer are easy to understand – there’s no need to remember to recharge it or change the batteries. They’re efficient in energy use, and they complete the majority of the work.

But, there’s an issue with the cable. You must consider whether the cable is capable of reaching the top of your garden, or at a minimum, you should have an extension in your bag – in case of need.

Electric Fence Sprayer (Cordless)

A fence sprayer that is cordless is generally light and portable, as it can be quickly moved around the yard without the hassle of extension leads and tangled wires.

They have the same speeds and coverage similar to corded models, powered by batteries instead of the limiting mains-powered cords.

But, being powered by batteries can have issues of its own, such as making sure to change the batteries. While some rechargeable batteries are available that means no visits to the shops for batteries and minimizes consumption, charge times can be lengthy and run times are shorter.

Both of these factors must be considered when choosing between rechargeable and batteries that can be replaced.

Pump Fence Sprayer

Fences that are manually operated or pump sprayers tend to be less expensive than electric ones and are also sturdy and reliable because they’re powered by you, rather than using batteries that are pre-charged or an extremely long extension lead.

Similar to the electric fence sprayers that are cordless can be easily transported and provide a broad area of coverage.

However, operating a fence sprayer manually is tiring and exhausting and they’re perfect for painting small areas rather than the whole garden.

Tips for Using Any Paint Sprayer

  • Make sure you purchase the correct type of paint on your sprayer! Paints of different types could cause a blockage to your machine.
  • Take into consideration the impact of the sprayer’s weight after you’ve filled it. Will it be unwieldy to transport?
  • Think about how simple the tank will be to fill it, refill and then keep clean
  • Are the nozzles you choose and the length of the hose meet your requirements? Can it get to any angles that are difficult?
  • If you’re covering a huge area, think about how much paint the tank will hold, and how swift the flow of paint will flow.
  • Always wear safety equipment – goggles, face masks, gloves, and overalls

Best Fence Sprayer

After gaining knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of sprayer, it is evident that a purchase of a paint sprayer will save you a lot of time and cash.

In order to assist you in deciding what type of product will be the most suitable for your garden’s requirements Here is a list of the top fence sprayers available that are available:

Wagner Electric Garden Shed & Fence Sprayer

One of the top electric fence sprayers, this model with a cord has an abundance of 5 star reviews on the internet.

The spray jet can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of the space which makes it flexible to be used in various areas of the garden.

The paint tank is removable which means you have the option of leaving it on the ground with you or taking it off your back with the strap for your shoulder.

But it does have a smaller capacity at 1.4 Liters, which means you’ll need to refill it frequently when you’re using it to paint large areas.

Ronseal Precision Finish Fence Paint Sprayer

This Ronseal fence sprayer with a cordless design can be easily adjusted to fit virtually any location, using different nozzle and power settings giving the user complete control over the speed and precision of the area to be painted.

The tank’s size is 5 litres. This makes it perfect for covering huge areas without the need to stop to refill. The cord that connects the nozzle is shorter as compared to other models, which means that users may struggle to get into some of the areas that are cramped.

Overall, the reviews for this product are positive and the product appears to be an excellent all-arounder.

Spear & Jackson Pressure Sprayer for Wood Stain

One of the top sprayers for staining fences This manual pump model provides the best value for the money. It comes with a 3 bar pressure level that ensures an even stream over an extended period of time, requiring the need for pumping as compared to other sprayers that are manual.

It comes with a 5 litre tank, which means you won’t be having to refill it every day and the brass nozzles are simple to clean, which prevents obstruction. The product is versatile in the items it sprays, which includes things like weed killers and water for plants.

The reviews, which average at 4 stars, highlight that paints with thicker layers can be used in this sprayer as well and recommend that you reduce the water slightly if you’re having difficulties maintaining a steady stream.

Cuprinol Pump and Brush Garden Fence Sprayer MPSB

The 2-in-1 Cuprinol fence sprayer is unique in mixing a pump with brushes which can be used to apply finishing touches in those difficult to reach places.

With the power of a sprayer and the power of a brush the product claims to paint a fence in just 3 minutes. It also is backed by a five-year guarantee.

The tank is tiny and cannot be detachable, however it has been considered to be one of the top garden fence sprayers on the market.

Wagner WoodPerfect Fence Sprayer

The fence sprayer with a cord made from Wagner is pricey, however it’s extremely durable and flexible with the different types of metal paint and wood it is able to handle.

Perfect for small and medium projects, it is recommended to use its fine spray for areas such as doors, fencing as well as decking and furniture.

The product is light and is fully adjustable in its flow of paint and is guaranteed to deliver professional results when using any solvent or water-based paints.

Tacklife SGP15AC 400W Paint Sprayer

Its is a cordless Tacklife electronic paint sprayer featuring three different spray patterns specifically designed to fit different angles and locations that are in your garden.

Its fast-refill lid ensures that you don’t have to worry about slowing down in larger gardening projects, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. finish the task.

The tank is of a good size with a capacity of 900ml. The parts can be easily removed to clean and prevent obstruction.

It is rather expensive in comparison to similar products, however its consistently good reviews and ability to paint nearly every outdoor surface makes it a worthwhile investment.

Fence Sprayer Hire

It’s time to make the choice between renting or purchasing an air-brush sprayer. This choice is contingent on what you want it for. Is it a one-time small painting job? Perhaps a larger job that could require multiple coats over the course of a year?

While purchasing paint sprayers is typically much higher than leasing it, this isn’t the case when you have to lease it frequently.

It all depends on the demands of your current project and the requirements of any future projects in the future. For instance, if you only need to paint only a small portion of your property, renting a sprayer for just a few hours is the cheapest choice.

One of the benefits of renting is the quality of the equipment that allows you to utilize top-quality equipment for only a fraction of the cost of retail.

If, however, you’re planning for a way to spray paint your entire fence, your vast garden or shed or even the outside of your home, buying a paint sprayer can help you save a significant amount of cash in the future.

There are many locations that allow you to contract some of the top fence sprayers The most reliable ones being locally-owned tool stores. These can be located by just a few clicks on the web.

The most expensive equipment available for hire can be found between £50-£70 for a single day or £200 to £300 for the duration of a week. If you’re keen to employ only the best equipment for your small-scale project, this is certainly a cost-effective option to get it.

There are plenty of lower-cost and high-value for money products you can purchase and save for a small lesser amount and save your money over the long term.

Independent renters who are smaller within your area might cost less, however they might also use less advanced fencing sprayers than the larger rental companies.

The key is to research and ask questions of businesses to discover the best price which is suitable for your needs.

Cost of Painting Fences

A lot of people turn to hiring a contractor to paint their fences to take care of the difficult task of painting them.

While it can be beneficial in the event that you have enough money, hiring a professional could be quite expensive and might not be worth the cost when you can get similar results using your own garden sprayer at only a fraction of the cost.

8 panels, 2m x 2m each1 day£20£150
12 panels, 2m x 2m each1-2 days£40£225
8 panels, 1m x 2m each4-6 hours£20£100
12 panels, 1m x 2m each6-8 hours£20£125
12 panels, 2m x 2m each1-2 days£40£225


What is the best fence paint sprayer to use for larger areas?

Electric fence sprayers tend to be the better option when it comes to spraying larger areas. Pump sprayers require physical exertion, which can quickly become tiring if you use it for a longer time.

Can I spray synthetic paints or just water-based paints?

Most fence paint sprayers will enable you to work with all paint types, but it is definitely worth checking the product description before you commit.

Paint sprayers are generally divided into spraying lacquer paint, emulsion paint, or both. For example, the Spear & Jackson Pressure Sprayer and similar models from Ronseal and Cuprinol are specifically tailored to successfully spray both types, making them generally more versatile.

Will I use more or less paint with paint spraying when compared to conventional rolling?

You will use less paint. The paint is turned into smaller droplets, making them lighter. This means that it goes on much more smoothly than using a paintbrush or roller, saving you unnecessary layers of paint.

How many nozzles/settings should I expect from my fence sprayer?

Ideally your fence paint sprayer will have at least two spray settings or nozzles, allowing you to spray both wide areas and narrow corners, streamlining the spray to suit the area you need covering.

Am I limited in the types of surfaces I can use my paint sprayer on?

Most fence sprayers are designed specifically for wood paints and stains, and so to use different surface paints would risk clogging and breaking your machine.

If you’re looking for a multi-use sprayer, you need to look at the product descriptions carefully. For example, the Wagner WoodPerfect Fence Sprayer is designed to handle both wood and metal paints.



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