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The Best Lawn Spreader

In this post we’ll help you discover the top lawn spreaders available. This guide will outline the advantages of each model as well as provide further details like the pros and negatives of the various types.


Introduction to the Best Lawn Spreader

In this post we’ll help you discover the top lawn spreaders available. The guide will go over the characteristics of each model, and provide further details about their pros and pros.

We’ll also discuss the ways a lawn spreader functions and the cost estimate to hire a gardening professional. This guide can be helpful if you’re trying to locate the top spreaders for lawns in the UK!

What is a Lawn Spreader?

Let’s first look at what a lawn spreader actually is and the purpose for which it is used. Also referred to by the name of a lawn seed spreader, or spreading lawn food, it is a tool for gardening that’s designed to distribute material like fertiliser and grass seeds over the lawn.

Lawn spreaders typically have a bucket, which is also known as a hopper, or container in which the materials are stored with two wheels as well as an elevated handle that allows for the push or pull movement when it is being used or moved.

But, there are lawn spreaders that are handheld tools that are simple to use with a tiny bucket with a simple to hold handle that is attached to the bottom of the bucket. They’re used to spread the materials evenly and with just the right amount.

Certain lawn spreaders offer an option to adjust the spread rate which means that you are able to adapt its functions to the needs of your lawn.

In the end, the goal is to give a more efficient and more precise method to putting seed in or fertilizing the lawn as opposed to applying it manually.

They could be required in the event that your lawn is struggling to get established or is brimming with dead patches that need to be reseeded.

How Does a Lawn Spreader Work?

This article will explore the functions of lawn spreaders in greater depth. The way a lawn spreader operates depends on the type that lawn spreader you are looking at.

If you’re using drop spreaders, most of these devices release materials at a specific rate, which means that the speed at which you move will determine the amount of fertilizer grass seed, fertiliser, etc. is sprayed onto the lawn.

There are however drop spreaders that can be adjusted to different spread rates. The main characteristic of a drop spreader is that it drops the materials right from beneath the container.

Broadcast spreaders permit you to apply fertiliser, seeds and other substances in larger quantities at any one moment. This is because they release substances from their right, left and sides.

Rotating spreaders distribute material in a particular pattern, with the most weighty rates occurring at the center of the predator’s path, with a lesser amount of material scattered in the areas to either side of the application zone. They are also often equipped with adjustable spread rates.

Before using a lawn spreading machine you’ll have to fill it with the components you want to use in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. When using any lawn spreader you must ensure that it’s ready to work, and that the settings are adapted to your personal preferences.

If you’re using a rotary lawn spreader you’ll require a substantial distance between walking around the garden, which is around 30-50% because of their distinctive distribution pattern.

It is also important to decide on the setting you’d like to use. For a lawn spreader broadcast using the correct settings it will disperse materials according to the rate you’ve selected.

It is recommended to start with the settings suggested by the manufacturer, and after that it’s a matter of experimenting while you go, and determine which is the best setting for your garden and needs.

After you’ve determined what the ideal setting should be, be sure you write it down to help you be able to remember it the next time.

In the case of the lawn drop spreader and a broadcast lawn spreader you must overlap each spread, though less than you would for the circular spreader.

Types of Lawn Spreader

Before buying a lawn mower, you have to be aware of the type you would prefer. To help you choose the best one, here’s a rundown of the various types of lawn spreaders including costs as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.


This type spreader for the lawn comes with a fan under the material container. The fan is utilized to create the unique rotary spreader distribution pattern since it rotates. This will result in more materials landing in the middle of the spreader’s route.

Rotary spreaders can also include an adjustment of the spread feature which gives you greater control over the spread.

If you’re searching for a rotary lawn spreader it should come with pneumatic tyres in order to make the use of it as easy as possible.

Rotary spreaders aren’t suited to distribute weeds and other seeds. The reason is that such products could harm plants. Additionally, because of its nature it’s difficult to avoid contamination that is not intended.

It is recommended to test distribution in a real-world area to determine the best spread rate setting for your needs. Start by following the recommendations of the manufacturer and adjust it later as needed until you are happy with the results.


  • Fast-acting.
  • Offers a unique spread pattern.


  • Not recommended for use with seeds and weeds.

A lawn spreader that is rotary usually costs around £30.


While providing the same distribution pattern as drop lawn spreaders, broadcast spreaders can drop seeds in different directions than drop spreaders.

Like the rotary spreader, it is recommended to practice using a broadcast spreader using the materials on the concrete surface in order to determine what spred rate setting you wish to choose.

A broadcast spreader is able to apply fertiliser or seeds to a vast area since it lets material out from its sides, front and sides simultaneously. You can push the spreader on your own or pull it along with a lawn mower or ATV.

One issue is broadcast spreaders aren’t as precise as drop spreaders.

With the rotary spreader, it is not recommended to apply seed or weed products that are compatible with the type of spreader.


  • Offers quick spread.
  • Large surface areas are covered at any time.


  • Not as precise as the drop spreader.

A lawn spreader broadcast is typically priced around £40.


Drop spreaders release the materials in the lower compartment. Although they typically include an adjustment dial for the drop rate they release materials across only a tiny area at one time.

The main benefit of this is that even though they require longer to operate, they are usually more precise. By using a drip spreader the chance of spreading fertilizer, seeds and the like to unintentionally secluded parts of your yard is restricted.

Drop spreaders are typically more affordable as well. In contrast to the other spreaders one can use a drop spreader perfect for spreading weeds or seed.


  • Very precise.
  • The risk of spreading materials on unintended areas.
  • Ideal for applying weeds and seeds.
  • The majority of the time, it is cheaper.


  • It is slower to use.

A lawn spreader drop is typically priced around £50.

Best Lawn Spreaders

There are a variety of lawn spreaders available and here we’ve narrowed down the top six options for you. Here are the six:

Ever-Green Easy Spreader Plus

Perhaps the most efficient spreader of lawns available comes from this highly reviewed model by Ever-Green.

It was created for simple distribution of lawn treatments from Ever-Green and lawn seed. The drop spreader comes with adjustable settings as well as a sophisticated dispensing system.

The assembly of this lawn spreader is very simple. The on/off switch allows an easy turn around.

One disadvantage of this model is the fact that it’s on the bucket, which means it’s not able to be shut off as quickly as other switches.

It’s an excellent choice to spread weeds and seeds.

This Easy Spreader Plus is perfect when you have to do an exact task.

This spreader should be used between March until November. As a drop spreader it must be pulled across or pulled in order to spread an entire trail.

It’s also marketed as a simple lawn spreader that has an 4.3 stars on Amazon for its ease of use. Expect to spend about £24 for this item.


  • Very precise.
  • It is simple to use and doesn’t require the need to manually rotate.
  • It has an on/off switch.
  • It is suitable for the application of weeds and seeds.
  • It is easy to put together.
  • The price is not too expensive.


  • If you’re using the switch lever to turn off/on, the container inside the container isn’t able to be switched off and on fast enough.
  • It is recommended to make use of Evergreen as well as Miracle-Gro lawn treatment for this model.
  • It is slower than a broadcaster or the lawn spreader that rotates.

Scotts Easy-Green Rotary Spreader

The next item is an extremely popular lawn spreader. With a spread from 122cm to 340cm this Easy-Green Rotary Spreader is ideal for quick jobs as well as for covering large surfaces.

Ever-Green is also the creator of this product. It’s a great fit for large-sized lawns.

It comes with a movable handlebar, which makes the use of this rotary spreader more enjoyable and also makes storage simple.

Like many lawn spreaders, it also can be adjusted to spread rates.

It is constructed of steel with a plastic container, as well as the hopper is made of plastic. It is best used with grass seed products like Miracle-gro and Evergreen, and/or Lawn Builder.

While it can be used quickly, it’s not as precise as other products such as those from EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus since it’s a circular spreader. It is recommended to use it between March through November.

This lawn spreader should be used keeping the purpose of the rotary spreader in mind.

Then, modify the settings to your preferences prior to taking a step across the lawn. When you’ve reached the finish of the first lap then turn off the.

Reverse it towards the lawn, but set it so that it is straddling that edge length of lawn by 30% to 50% prior to powering the lawn spreader back up before moving it forward to use it again. Repeat this procedure until you’ve covered the entire area you’ve envisioned covering.

Don’t use seeds and weeds when using this spreader for lawns. The handlebar’s adjustable design contributes to the user-friendly experience that this spreader offers.

This rotary spreader sets you back from £30 up to £40.


  • Provides rapid delivery of materials to large surfaces.
  • The perfect lawn for a large lawn.
  • It has an adjustable handlebar.
  • Quick and efficient.


  • Not as accurate as drop spreaders.
  • Not recommended for distribution of weeds or seeds.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Only compatible only with certain products.

Scotts Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader

Another spreader from EverGreen is this well-known drop spreader. It also has an adjustable handlebar that is ideal for storage and use. It comes with adjustable settings and a switch for on/off that is easy to reach.

A drawback is that it cannot be used in conjunction with grass seed products and/or Evergreen or Miracle-Gro granular lawn maintenance. It can spread a wide of 45cm. There are many favourable lawn spreader reviews that are associated with this product.

It is a drop spreader, although it’s more precise, it’s not as efficient as broadcast or rotary spreaders. The Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader from March until November.

Like its counterpart, the Easy Spreader Plus, to make use of this lawn spreader, press forward with the power on. Upon reaching the end of a certain lawn stretch then turn off the power and then face it toward the lawn.

It should be a little in the middle of the track before restarting the engine and then resuming. Repeat this procedure until you’ve completed the task.

It’s a different, easy to make use of product that is easy to use. You can apply a weed and seed product along with the lawn spreading.

It is priced between £30 to £35 for this model.


  • A well-known product.
  • The product comes with an easy to reach switch that can be used for both on and off.
  • It has an adjustable handlebar, making it simple to use.


  • Not suitable for use with the majority of lawn care products.

Earthway Ev-n Spred 2150 Broadcast Spreader

One of the best broadcast spreaders in the market is this one by Earthway.

This durable and long-lasting broadcast spreader comes with a poly bucket with a capacity of 23 kg as well as 33cm of pneumatic stud type tyres that have rust-resistant characteristics.

The Ev-N Spred 2150 Broadcast Spreader has a three-hole drop system that allows the spread of materials than models such as those of Miracle-Gro EvenGreen Drop Spreader.

However, it is not as good at providing precision since it’s an air-based spreader. A further disadvantage is that weeds and seed products are not compatible in conjunction with this spreader.

Check out Earthway’s manual for more details on how this spreader can be employed.

Before using make sure you set the spread rate setting to the appropriate setting. The spreader should be pushed from behind by using the handlebar with a height adjustment. The spreader will cover a particular track.

It is off. Reverse it and make sure that you’re slightly crossing the former track. Turn it off and keep going. Repeat this process until you are satisfied that you’ve covered everything you wanted to.

It is a great Earthway lawn mower and is very easy to use and manoeuvre. However, it is important to note that this spreader is rather expensive. In terms of cost, this spreader will cost you between £280 or £300.


  • The handlebar is adjustable.
  • It has rust-resistant properties.
  • A durable poly bucket with a weight capacity of 23kg.
  • Rapid and wide delivery of material.


  • Not cheap.
  • It is not possible to use weed or seeds with this spreader.

Scotts EverGreen Handy Spreader

The following product can be described as a hand-held lawn spreader. It’s a fantastic value for money, with the price of just £15.

Since it’s a lightweight and small product, it’s very simple to store away after usage.

This product lets the substances inside the container be released through small holes when you turn the handle by hand.

The handle that is used to keep the spreader’s grip is located at the rear of the container.

Despite its price the product still has adjustable spread rates.

Its small dimensions make it an ideal option for spreading fertiliser or seeds to a lawn that is small. It can spread out an area of two meters.

It’s not a long time to cover a small area with this spreader, which is ideal since using a handheld spreader too long can put a stress on the arm.

In addition the arm support built into it can be useful in this respect.

Some disadvantages of this product are the fact that it’s designed to be used together with EverGreen lawn products, and it is not suitable to be used on a large lawn.

For details on how to make use of the EverGreen Handy Spreader consult the handbook that comes with it.

It is a hand-held spreader, making use of it is incredibly simple. To utilize this spreader, choose the best place to start and then start to spin out the seeds, fertilisers and so on. by turning the handle while you move in straight lines.

Turn off the handle once you get to the point where the lawn is finished. 

Reverse the direction and do exactly the same thing with the next path of the lawn. You should be just a little bit over the path before.

It’s not as precise as a drop spreader. Repeat this process until you’ve covered all the lawn or all areas that you must be able to.


  • It is very affordable and simple to utilize.
  • Ideal for jobs that require quick attention on the lawn.
  • Storage is easy.
  • The arm is built-in to the unit.


  • You are only able to make use of EverGreen products that are compatible with the lawn spreading tool.
  • Not recommended for the use on large lawns.

Agri-Fab AG45-0462 Broadcast Smart Spreader

This product stands out from the Handy Spreader EverGreen in price and quality.

The AG46-0462 comes with nearly 60kg capacity, and comes with an insulated poly hopper with a high-quality coating to ensure that materials are distributed quickly.

It is possible to precisely set the spread rate with its expert high-quality controls. Its huge pneumatic tyres give stability and make the spread simple to manoeuvre despite its size.

It also has an enclosed commercial grade gearbox.

Because it’s not a spreader that broadcasts, it does not have the precision of drop spreaders however it’s more efficient. Additionally, you shouldn’t utilize a weed and seeding product for this type of spreader.

One of the major advantages of the spreader’s design is it is able to cover more than half of an area! It’s made for use by professionals to cover a vast area.

For a lawn that is small you don’t have to pay a fortune to purchase a good lawn spreader.

For details on the months of the year you can utilize this spreader, refer to the manual of the manufacturer.

If you want to use this broadcast spreader be sure the setting for spread rate is in your preferred setting prior to switching it on and covering only one route at a time over a certain surface. Switch off the machine and on again after each turn.

You must ensure that you cross the path of the earlier path that you have that you have covered. This will ensure that you don’t miss any places.

Continue to cover every square inch of land that you’ve planned to. Its adjustable handlebar height allows for easy pushing and helps when manoeuvring. This is easy thanks to the spreader’s large pneumatic tires.

The AG45-0462 will cost you between £250 up to £300.


  • A top-quality broadcast spreader.
  • The container is corrosion-resistant.
  • Ideal for vast areas.
  • The AG45-0462 covers more than half of an acre.


  • The lawn spreader is expensive.

Benefits of a Lawn Spreader

Lawn spreaders offer a variety of benefits. Within each of these sections, we’ll lay out the benefits of buying the lawn spreader.

Distribution of Seeds

Lawn spreaders are able to distribute various lawn materials, including fertiliser and seeds.

For seeds, it makes an easier and more precise application than if you simply scatter them all over the garden yourself.

Lawn spreaders may offer precision or speed, based on the kind of quality you’re most about. The prior quality provided by drop spreaders, and broadcast spreaders as well as rotary spreaders.

In any case you can count on any lawn mower to be more precise than a completely manual approach.

The primary benefit of any degree of improvement in precision is that it improves the chance of seeds germinating in any area of land. This can result in an improved surface.

Distribution of Fertiliser

Similar to lawn spreaders that give a more uniform dispersal of seeds could provide the same service with fertiliser.

The correct distribution of fertiliser is essential to avoid uneven feeding, unhealthy lawn, and other types of lawn harm.

The more precise fertilizer application, the healthier the space or garden to be.

Covering Large Surface Areas with Lawn Materials

A variety of lawn spreaders are ideal to cover large areas of surface.

Naturally, you’ll have to choose the best product to meet your needs, however there are a lot of top-quality lawn spreader models that are able to manage large lawns and open spaces, like Agri-Fab AG45-0462 Broadcast Spreader. Agri-Fab AG45-0462 Broadcast Spreader.

As we have discussed above, the AG45-0462 covers more than half an acre of land.

If you own an extensive garden or a large garden There are lawn spreaders on the market that can meet your requirements.

Cost of Hiring a Gardener

You could engage a gardener for the use of the lawn spreader in your garden.

A gardener typically establishes an hourly fee of the range of £15 and £50 The price will be determined by where you’re situated across the UK.

The hourly rate is the cost of labour for gardening.

Other costs you could anticipate to incur include cost of supplies and disposal cost.


Q: What is the best lawn spreader?

A: The EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus is one of the best lawn spreaders on the market. However, it is only one of many high quality products.

Further, it is a drop spreader and you may be looking for a spreader that offers speed over accuracy. In this case, you might like the Earthway Ev-n Spred 2150 Broadcast Spreader which is another highly-rated and popular lawn spreader.

Q: How long does it take newly sown grass seeds to germinate?

A: It may take anywhere from five to thirty days for new grass seed to germinate.

Q: What is a handheld lawn spreader?

A: A handheld lawn spreader is a spreader that features a small bucket with a handle attached at the back. It comes with a handle that you can manually turn to spread fertiliser or lawn seeds for example, onto a lawn.

Q: When should I use a lawn spreader?

A: You should spread your lawn annually in February or March.

Most lawn spreaders are suited to use between March and November while some models are designed for all-year use.

Q: What are some of the best lawn spreader brands?

A: EverGreen, Earthway, Westland and Agri-Fab are some of the best sellers of lawn spreaders.



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