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The Best Petrol Lawnmower

If you have a medium – to large-sized garden, or one that has hills or slopes it is likely that you will require a petrol lawnmower! To help you with this we’ve put together the most comprehensive guide to petrol lawnmowers, and we’ve broken down the top options available for you!


What is a Petrol Lawnmower?

A lawnmower powered by petrol uses an engine to run the blades, and in some models, its wheels are able to give the user greater control, power and convenience.

A lawnmower powered by petrol serves the same function as electrical ones do; however, it comes with numerous options that aren’t found in electrical models.

Primarily, petrol lawnmowers are equipped with much more power than any other lawnmowers because of their fuel-powered engine.

This can be done in a short time on any grass or terrain. Most petrol mowers come with an engine that powers the mower’s movement which means you can alter your mower’s speed. you only need to keep it on the track.

People of all strength and sizes can utilize these kinds of mowers with ease without having to push them across the lawn.

How Does a Petrol Lawnmower Work?

The first lawn mowers powered by electricity were developed in 1926. It let people throw away the blade reels powered by hand and a new age of lawn maintenance was born.

What was once a revolutionary change in the field is now significantly surpassed by the petrol mowers that are available today.

A petrol-powered mower has blades that are tucked into the deck of the mower. It is powered by a petrol-fueled engine that spins at a high speed and cuts the grass under it.

Since it’s an engine that burns fuel it is also necessary to make sure it’s filled with oil for the engine, however, you’ll be aware of this when you buy from a reliable dealer.

Despite being powered with petrol, mowers operate on a tiny amount based on the size of the engine mounted on the mower.

The average walk-behind mower has approximately a liter of fuel that is about £1.10 and can run for quite a long time, before requiring refuelling.

In general, the mower will require petrol with an octane value of 87 or more.

Types of Petrol Lawnmower

We dissect the three kinds of petrol lawnmowers, to help you choose which one is the most beneficial for your home and you.


These kinds of lawn mowers are the most sought-after choice for UK households. They’re generally the cheapest available.

The type of lawn mowers that are used is an angled blade that spins at high speed to cut the grass underneath it. Rotary mowers are definitely efficient, however there are lawnmowers that provide more of a clean cut for those who appreciate the quality of cut.

If you’re seeking the look of a garden that is striped You’ll require a rotary lawn mower that comes with a roller attachment built into it.

These mowers are ideal to cut through grass that’s been unkempt for a while since the power generated by the motor is much superior to the power of an electric lawnmower.

Rotary mowers cost between £150-£1,500, and have different models, brands, and engine power styles influencing pricing. But even the most affordable option can perform better than the electric counterpart.


Cylinder lawnmowers from Petrol are loved by gardeners as well as landscaping experts.

They offer the finest finish for grass because of their versatility, flexibility and cutting precision. capability.

Because of this precision, they cost more than other kinds, but If you are looking for the finest finish and cut it is the primary mower.

However they should be employed on grass with a shorter length which requires improvement and won’t be able to perform on thick as well as long grass.

The price for cylinder mowers starts around £800 and increases to around £4,500 for machines designed for use on bowls pitches or cricket fields.


These kinds of mowers appear like they’ve been straight out of an old Sci-Fi film. Hover mowers function similarly to a rotary mower. They have horizontal blades that work at high speeds, powered by the motor that runs petrol.

But, instead of having wheels that transport the mower across the terrain, it features a powerful fan and “skirt” that generates air pockets which lifts the mower off the surface.

This lets you effectively mow uneven areas and lets you go in the direction that you like and is very simple to use for people who do not have the strength to push a lawn mower.

These kinds of mowers aren’t as effective in longer grass like a style rotary, but they’re more effective than a cylinder in this regard.

Hover mowers cost around £500 all-around This is an excellent cost considering the flexibility they provide.

Best Petrol Lawnmower

It’s sometimes difficult to know how well the mower will perform prior to you purchasing it, which is why we’ve compiled our top 10 lawn mowers that use petrol to help you select the right one!

Cobra M40SPB Petrol Lawnmower

This mower comes with an impressive engine of 125cc Briggs along with a Stratton engine, and is a top-selling model on the market.

It comes with a 40mm cutting width as well as a huge grass collector that holds 50 tonnes! It comes with a durable steel deck, which is resistant to rust, making it mower able to last for a long time.

The cutting height is 25mm-75mm which will give you the best cut each time! Additionally, to all this the mower has a self-propelled motor which makes cutting grass a breeze!

Hyundai HYM530SPER Petrol Lawnmower

This mower has an electric start that makes switching the mower on as simple as a flick of a button.

It also has an auto-propulsion system that further makes it an affordable option for everyone.

It comes with a roller for a professional-looking striped appearance and comes with seven height choices between 17mm to 75mm, you’ll be able to give your lawn that stunning look.

Hyundai HYM530SPER is a choice which is priced higher on the table however the features definitely justify the additional cost.

Webb R18SP Petrol Lawnmower

This self-propelled rotary lawn mower is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a less expensive model that offers great value in terms of price.

With steel wheels, a Briggs as well as Stratton engine, and a selection of seven heights ranging between 25mm and 75mm, it’s packed with everything you’ll need to take care of your garden as a professional.

It also has a 3 in 1 feature that lets you switch between mulching, collecting and releasing the grass you have cut.

Cobra MX484SPCE Petrol Lawnmower

Cobra have found themselves a new spot on the list of top ten by introducing the MX484SPCE. The powerful self-propelled 4-speed mower comes with a key-start which makes it safe and simple to use.

Furthermore it is a long wheelbase, making it suitable for a variety of kinds of terrains. It’s a favourite of a lot of people.

Allett Kensington 17K Cylinder Mower

The cylinder lawn mower here is considered to be one of the best available and is perfect for those who require the highest quality cut for their lawn.

The mower gives the classic bowling-green finish that gives any lawn the appearance as if it’s a nice carpet.

It comes with a 43cm cutting width as well as a 62-litre grass container and offers a range in cutting levels. Because of the class and quality of this mower its cost is also high and is at the upper part of the price spectrum.

Webb Classic R410SP Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower 41cm

This gorgeous mower is ideal for people who have small gardens. It gives you incredible value for money.

It’s small but agile and self-propelled, which makes it ideal for reaching those corners in your garden.

It comes with a lever that can adjust heights between 25mm and 75mm. There’s also has a 45-litre grass container. It’s durable, reliable and affordable.

Hyundai 46cm Self Propelled Lawnmower HYM460SPE

It is among the strongest self-propelled models available that comes with a key start, the largest cut width that is 46cm as well as the huge 70-litre grass container.

The power of the Hyundai engine is a joy to work with and a great value for the money.

Sherpa Premium 4-in1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower that comes with Honda Engine

This self-propelled rotary mowing machine has been a big hit on the market recently due to its impressive Honda engine.

The deck is powdered to ensure that it’s reliable for a long time, and its four-in-one functions and its six cutting heights let you to pick from a range of possibilities to cut your lawn.

The 53cm wide cutting width and the 65-litre grass box makes it an excellent option for bigger gardens too!

Webb R21HW Self-Propelled Lawnmower

The self-propelled, high-wheeled rotary mower features a large 53cm cutting width as well as a strong, easy for you to get started Briggs as well as Stratton engine.

It has the ability to collect four times in one and six cutting heights that range between 25mm and 75mm, making it among the most flexible options available.

It is suitable for both short and long grass, and for small or large areas This is an all-purpose.

Cobra RM40SPC 40cm Petrol Lawnmower

It is among Cobra’s smaller models that is perfect for gardens with small spaces or with difficult to access spots.

It’s self-propelled and has an incline roller that gives the grass the sought-after striped appearance. It has six cutting heights ranging from 17mm up to 75mm. The sturdy deck of steel ensures that it can endure the tests of time.

Benefits of Petrol Lawnmower

We’ve already explained that petrol lawnmowers’ performance is better than electric lawnmowers, but what is that?


The engines powered by petrol that drive lawnmowers make the main distinction.

The power is then transferred to the propulsion as well as the blades. This means that you can not just manoeuvre the mower with ease and ease, but be sure that the mower is able to deal with all lengths of grass.

Many models have a different speed setting that allows anyone to enjoy them safely and comfortably.


The features that can be adjusted on petrol lawnmowers are often more powerful than those on electric mowers.

You can alter your mower’s speed and how high the blades are, and whether or not to take the grass for collection and mulch it, or leave it in the ground and much more.

The flexibility that these lawn mowers offer is usually the most important attraction for people who need greater control over their lawns and gardens.


Petrol lawnmowers have been constructed and engineered to last for years and still function perfectly.

They are primarily made of robust steel and are secured in all places to make sure that your mower will last for a long time.

Electric lawnmowers are constructed primarily of plastic This is a problem with longevity but also with performance.

Value for Money

There are numerous entry-level petrol lawnmowers which are superior to the most expensive electric home lawnmowers.

A step up and buying an entry-level petrol lawnmower will last you for years and will perform flawlessly in everything you’ll need to use it for.

A petrol lawnmower is an investment worth it and will never disappoint you.


How do you start a petrol lawnmower?

Different mowers have different starting features. Some models have a key to start the mower, while others have a switch. Most, however, will have a pull start rope to start the mower.

Are there petrol lawnmower repair services?

Yes, should you ever have any repair issues with your lawnmower, there are many repair companies available. This means that even if you come across issues years down the line, you can repair instead of replacing.

How do you maintain a petrol lawnmower?

Maintenance for a petrol lawnmower is pretty minimal, but you should ensure that you always use the correct petrol, you store your fuel correctly, you maintain the oil level and replace the blades when they begin to blunt after several uses.

Where can you buy a petrol lawnmower?

You can find various bespoke petrol lawnmower stores, both online and in store.

Where can you buy spare blades and parts for a petrol lawnmower?

Any good DIY or bespoke lawnmower store will have all of the parts you could possibly need for you mower.



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