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Tree Stump Removal Cost

Do you think about the possibility of having a tree stump removed?

Or perhaps you’d like to know what the prices of trimming trees and cutting trees are?

In this guide, we’ll explain the amount these jobs cost based on the size of the work or removal methods utilized.


How Much Is Tree Stump Removal?

The removal of a single stump with a standard removal process would cost between £160 to £190 in the event that the stump is covering an area of 5 inches or less. Or £230 to £320 when it extends over five inches, or if there are many stumps that must be removed.

So, what kinds of strategies could be used?

If a grinding technique is used to move the stump(s) then anticipate paying £60 or £80 on a stump of five inches or less, or in between £185 and £225 for those who wish to have multiple stumps, or stumps covering more than 5 inches to be ground down. It is evident that stump removal costs for trees vary dramatically.

To prune, it will cost between £140 and £210 to prune a plum or lilac, £190-£260 for pruning an apple, fig or pear tree. £240 to £310 for a magnolia tree or olive tree, and £340-£410 for cherry or bay tree pruning.

To lift crowns it is recommended to budget for around £330 to £870 for small trees, or around £730-£1420 for large trees. The cost for crown lifting ranges from £280-£370 for a small-sized tree or £330 to £870 for a large tree.

How do you get rid of dead wood?

The cost of deadwood is between £330 and £870 for a small-sized tree or £730-£1420 for large trees.

Crown reduction is an operation which has a more expensive cost. This kind of work will cost you between £2230 to £2870 in the event that you have a small-sized tree or £4030-£5070 for the larger tree.

The price will also be determined by the amount of gardeners or tree surgeons that are hired, as well as the accessibility.

Do not forget to take into consideration your place of residence…

Furthermore to that, the place you’re located is also crucial. Tree surgeons and gardeners charge different rates across the United States and so do contractors generally.

In particular, labourers are charged higher rates in the southeast region in England (and London in particular) than the average for the country. However, traders in areas like north England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland generally offer lower rates as compared to the rest of the country.

Tree Stump Removal Prices

Details of JobLabourSuppliesWaste RemovalTotal
Conventional removal of a single 5 inch stump£100 to £110£30 to £40£30 to £40£160 to £190
Conventional removal of several stumps or one of 5+ inches£140 to £190£45 to £65£45 to £65£230 to £320
Grinding a single 5 inch stump£30 to £40£0£30 to £40£60 to £80
Grinding several stumps or one of 5+ inches£140 to £190£0£45 to £65£185 to £255

Tree Trimming Prices

Details of JobLabourSuppliesWaste RemovalTotal
Crown trimming of a small tree£300 to £800£0£30 to £70£330 to £870
Crown trimming of a large tree£700 to £1350£0£30 to £70£730 to £1420
Crown lifting of a small tree£250 to £300£0£30 to £70£280 to £370
Crown lifting of a large tree£300 to £800£0£30 to £70£330 to £870
Dead wooding of a small tree£300 to £800£0£30 to £70£330 to £870
Dead wooding of a large tree£700 to £1350£0£30 to £70£730 to £1420
Crown reduction for a small tree£600 to £1050£1600 to £1750£30 to £70£2230 to £2870
Crown reduction for a large tree£1625 to £2500£2375 to £2500£30 to £70£4030 to £5070

Tree Pruning Prices

Type of TreeLabourSuppliesWaste RemovalTotal
Prune£110 to £140£0£30 to £70£140 to £210
Lilac£110 to £140£0£30 to £70£140 to £210
Apple£160 to £190£0£30 to £70£190 to £260
Fig£160 to £190£0£30 to £70£190 to £260
Pear£160 to £190£0£30 to £70£190 to £260
Magnolia£210 to £240£0£30 to £70£240 to £310
Olive£210 to £240£0£30 to £70£240 to £310
Cherry£310 to £340£0£30 to £70£340 to £410
Bay£310 to £340£0£30 to £70£340 to £410

What are the Supply Costs of Tree Stump Removal or Tree Pruning and Trimming?

In this article we’ll examine the costs of removing the stump of a tree and then trimming or pruning a tree. This is particularly useful in the event that you want to complete the task yourself and do not have the required equipment. Although the cost of supplies as well as labour expenses will constitute the majority of the total cost should you choose to hire a professional, certain costs will be related to disposal.

Utilizing an established method to take down a small stump from a tree, cost will be around £30 up to £40. To have a number of stumps removed, or one stump that extends over a distance larger than five inches, the price will range from £45-£65.

If a grinding technique is employed, there could be no costs for supplies based on the extent to which extra work is required. But, if you were to perform this task yourself the use of a garden stump grinder could cost anywhere from £1000 to £2000 that’s why it makes sense to work with an expert.

When pruning it is likely that the price will be limited to labour and costs for waste removal. Also, if you are doing the task yourself the equipment for pruning could cost between £10 or more to £200 and more based on how modern your equipment.

Regarding tree trimming the cost of supply will only be incurred to reduce the crown if you employ an expert. In this scenario, it will cost between £1600£1750 for a small tree, or somewhere between £2500 and £2375 for a big tree, in terms of supply costs.

Other equipment for tree maintenance that is popular include tree loppers that cost around £10 up to £35 as well as a pole trimmer which is a piece of equipment that could cost anywhere between £50 up to £250.

Tree Maintenance Costs for Supplies

Job TypeCosts of Supply
Take a small tree stump out£30 to £40
Take down several stumps or one of the 5+ inches£45 to £65
The reduction of the crown of one small tree£1600 – £1750
Crown reduction of a huge tree£2375 to £2500

Tree Maintenance Costs for Equipment

The type of equipmentSupply Costs
Tree Pruner£10 to £200
Tree Loppers£10 to £35
Pole Pruner£50 to £250
Garden Stump Grinder£1000 to £2000

What are the Additional costs Associated with Tree Maintenance?

There are many additional costs that can be incurred when tree experts are performing maintenance. Let’s look at a few common scenarios.

Minimum Fee

In a lot of instances, gardeners or tree surgeons will establish the minimum price regardless of how brief or long the time frame is. In other instances the minimum price (perhaps the hourly rates) applies when the work is particularly rapid to make sure that the job is worthwhile financially.

The Type of Tree

When pruning is involved particularly, the type of tree can be a major cost element. This is directly related to the amount of time it’ll be required to finish the task which will determine the labour cost.

While the cost of having a Lilac tree pruned is likely to take less money than £150 however, trimming an oak or a cherry tree is likely to cost you much more £300.

The type of tree is important for other work like stump removal for trees since stumps of certain trees are less easy to take down than the others. The more time it takes to remove your stump, the more expensive the labour cost could be.

The size of the Tree

The size of the tree will affect the cost regardless of the task. The larger the tree, the longer it’ll take to trim, prune or take down its stump.

For instance, crown lifting for a small tree could take between three to five hours. However, crowning a huge tree is likely to take a whole working day. The difference is about a factor of 2 which would translate to about doubling the labour cost.


If your garden is not able to be used due to poor access, such as because of overgrowth, or if you have other problems in the tree (e.g. an infestation of pests or it is afflicted with disease) certain preparations might be required prior to it being able to be pruned, trimmed or it’s stump removed. This could increase the cost of labour and possibly supply costs as well.

Amount of Tradespeople

Though many tree maintenance jobs can be performed by a single labourer, some companies/contractors may offer services whereby a team of two or three will take on a job. This could be due to practical reasons or to reduce time. In some instances, trimming trees is typically an individual job, however dead pruning and trimming of the crown usually require two labourers.

Through reducing time this will reduce the costs of your labour in this way, however the hourly cost will double or triple. The extent to which this could be a cost increase overall is contingent on the quality of how the tree surgeons and gardeners collaborate.


Whatever the motives, the length for the maintenance work can significantly impact the labour price in particular. Certain tasks like dead-wooding on a small tree can take only a couple of hours, but cutting down the height of a larger tree typically takes approximately two or three days.

Tradesmen’s Costs for Trimming, Pruning, or removing a stump

In the majority of cases the cost of labour will be the largest portion of the cost when you have tree maintenance work done. This applies whether the work is performed by a professional tree trimming company or by a contractor.

This section will examine what the hourly and daily costs of hiring a gardener or arborist are in addition to taking into account the labour costs associated with those jobs that we’ve previously discussed.

Tree surgeons are paid around £40 one hour for each person. As mentioned, certain tree maintenance tasks will require just one person, however certain jobs will require three or two persons.

The costs for labor associated with stump removal typically can range from £30-£190 depending on the difficulty of the job as well as the technique employed. The labour cost for crown trimming can vary between £300 and £1350.

The same range of costs applies to dead wood. You should expect to pay a labour cost from £250 to £800 in crown lift and £600 or £2500 in the case of crown reduction.

How Much Time Does Tree Stump Removal, Pruning/Trimming Take?

As we have discussed, the duration of tree care work is a major factor in determining the total price. The time needed for a gardener or tree surgeon to finish a job is contingent on a number of various aspects.

To have a stump of a tree removed can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for a smaller tree or between two and four hours for large trees. Tree pruning typically takes between about two to eight hours, depending on the type and size of the tree.

It could take half a day or less for the fig or plum trees to be taken down for instance, but it could take up to a full day or more in the case of a bay or cherry tree being cut.

Dead wooding a small tree typically requires about half a day. One-day jobs include crown lifting of a small tree or trimming the crown of a small plant and reducing the crown of the smaller tree, and dead wooding large trees.

It could take about two days to crown a huge tree and around 2-3 days for the top of a huge tree to be cut or reduced.

Other important factors to be considered include the number of tradespeople in the process, the weather and the ease of access.

Types of Tree maintenance

Let’s now examine the different types of tree maintenance, such as cutting down stumps and trimming.

Cost of Removing a Stump

Like the name implies, it is the procedure of removing a stump from a tree from the landscape. Most often, the roots that are attached to it are removed as well. There are many methods which can be employed to take down a stump of a tree using a variety of methods, such as grinding, burning or using some chemical.

Many homeowners decide to remove stumps from trees for a variety of reasons, such as the stump is affecting the look of their garden or making gardening maintenance more difficult.

Tree stumps could also be a source of different illnesses over time, if they are not checked. Tree stump removal can cost between £60 or £320 with respect to the scope of the task and the technique employed.


  • Reduces the chance of a stump spreading disease
  • Tree stumps can be ugly
  • Tree stumps could be a hindrance to the construction of
  • It is possible to save money, especially in the event of grinding


  • This can be time-consuming based on the stump of the tree.
  • It is less suitable for a DIY task than many gardening maintenance

Pruning Cost

The most popular type of tree care is pruning. It’s the process of taking out certain elements of a tree such as its roots, buds, and branches with a specific approach. For example, someone who prunes can identify and remove tree parts that are damaged or dead, diseased and unstable, or simply unappealing.

Pruning deciduous trees should take place during winter and autumn. However, it is recommended to trim evergreen trees from mid to the latter part of the summer. It’s important to be aware that some issues may arise due to pruning, such as silver leaf or coral spot, as well as bleeding. The cost of pruning varies greatly based on the kind of tree. It can cost as low as £140 up to £410.


  • Enhance the structural integrity of the structure
  • Reduces the chance of fallen branches
  • Influence positively on how trees develop
  • The cost of tree pruning is not always excessive
  • Get rid of diseased and damaged parts of the tree


  • The risk of bleeding from cuts made by prunes
  • Can cause silver leaf
  • This could lead to a coral spot

Trimming Cost

It is the process of cutting stems, branches and buds from the trees. In the majority of cases small secateurs are used to trim the tree. If the branches are sufficiently thick, the use of a saw is required and in some rare instances when the tree is big enough to warrant a chainsaw, it might be required.

Pruning a tree will improve its appearance and health It also reduces the likelihood of it causing damage to your property and makes the obvious any health or other problems that might otherwise remain hidden.

If a tree has weak branches, unsafe branch growth, a lot of growth cracks in the bark or dead or diseased branches or is unnaturally shaped These are all indications that it’s time to get your tree cut.

The various types of tree trimming include the crown trim, deadwooding or crown lifting. The cost of trimming a tree can vary from £330 to £5070, depending upon what type(s) the trimming required, the size and kind of tree, as well as the size and extent of the work involved. The majority of types of tree trimming could cost hundreds of pounds, but.


  • Improves the health of trees
  • Enhances appearance
  • Reduces the chance of damage to property
  • This can help detect diseases.
  • Make a variety of other issues appear more prominent


  • The expense for trimming trees may be significant
  • Might not be the right choice for DIY projects

Benefits of Tree Maintenance

Whatever type(s) or type of care you select, there are various benefits to consider. Let’s look at some of the most obvious benefits of tree care.

Improves Tree Health

One of the main benefits of maintaining trees is that it makes it healthier and improves chances of it having an extended life. Pruning and trimming can eliminate trees that are infested with disease or even elements that are unstable or damaged.

There are many ways that a tree’s health could benefit from regular maintenance like taking away branches that are too big which allows more nutrients to get into the remainder of the plant.

Improved Sunlight Exposure

In the event that your trees are growing too tall and have a lot of leaves, they will be shaded from sunlight. This could mean that photosynthesis may not be evenly distributed across the tree.

If you maintain your tree in good condition, it will be exposed to sun, making a more robust, healthier and more active tree.

Better Appearance

If your tree isn’t taken care of appropriately, it may appear messy and overgrown. Furthermore, branches may be damaged, and the entire tree could become sloppy. When trimming and pruning the tree, it can assist in the opposite direction and will not just improve its appearance now but also prevent it from becoming unattractive in the future.

Reduced risk of Damage

The tree which is properly maintained is less likely to harm your home. This could happen if elements of the tree fall directly towards the ground or when parts of the tree are blown towards your home in extreme weather conditions. Pruning and trimming can clear the tree of shaky or damaged components and help make the tree more sturdy all around.


How do you prune an apple tree?

Apple tree pruning involves first evaluating your tree to see what needs to be pruned (e.g. dead branches, crowded areas, and over-sized branches). Next, remove dead, damaged, and diseased branches. To improve the overall shape of the tree, remove out of place and over-sized branches.

Remove more branches to allow sunlight to reach more of the tree effectively (i.e. reduce overcrowding and concealed tree parts). Lastly, prune off the head growth of tree branches down to just over a lateral bud. You want to basically give your tree a haircut but make sure not to overdo it either.

Can you kill a tree stump?

Yes, Epsom salts can be used to kill tree stumps. If you buy an Epsom salt product, ensure that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer and follow any safety guidance correctly.

What is the cost of removing a tree?

For an average tree, the removal cost will likely be between £250 and £750 but the cost could range from as little as £150 to as much as £2500 depending on the size of the tree.

Can I remove a tree stump DIY?

Yes, but it could be prove very difficult, unless you have the right skills and knowledge. In most cases, it’s best to hire a professional.

When should I prune a cherry tree?

Early to mid summer, since it is a deciduous tree.



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