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What is the average Cost of a Tiler? 

If you’re looking to employ a tiler to put in tiles for flooring in your home and you are looking for a contractor, then expect to pay between £120 and £180 per day.


What happens if you decide to have someone else take care of it?

If you’re looking for an individual to tile the bathroom flooring it will typically cost you between £150-£650.

Cleaning a kitchen floor can typically cost between £280 and £980.

The cost for tiling your bathroom walls ranges from £750-£2400.

Walls of your kitchen are priced between £100 and £2500.

What do you think about tiling the shower’s walls?

If you’re thinking of the possibility of having your shower tiles tiled then you should expect to be paying about £10 per sq metre for this task.

Tiling Costs

Below is a list of costs you could expect to pay for a variety of tiles:

Tiling on a wall£25-£35 per m2
Tiling floors£40-£50 per m2
Showering in a shower£30-£40 per m2

What are the supply costs of Tiler jobs?

The costs of materials can be expected for tiling can vary between jobs. The task you’re getting completed will determine the kind of tiles that will be required.

If you buy materials for tile installation it is recommended to buy 10% extra than you require to ensure that you’re not running out. This will help in the event of a breakage.

Below is a listing of the cost of supplies you can anticipate for different tiles:

It is likely that you’ll require grout for tile work regardless of the task. Grout is available cost per kilogram. It is typical to pay £1.40-£2 to purchase a kilogram worth of grout. The price you pay will be based on the amount of work you’ve completed.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are extremely sought-after in UK homes because of their low cost. They are available in a variety of costs according to the design and style. They are softer but less tough than different kinds of tiles, which is the reason they are generally priced lower.

The tiles typically cost between £12-£50 per square millimetre.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are extremely complex tiles, and tend to be more costly in comparison to ceramic tiles. They are available in a range of colours and styles to meet your needs. They typically cost between £50-£100 per square meters.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are among the most costly types of tiles, and are regarded as luxurious tiles. They are difficult to install since they are susceptible to breaking. On average, you should expect to pay between £40 and £70 per square meter.

Glass Tiles

The glass tiles can be extremely delicate and fragile, therefore they are very difficult to set up. Because they are fragile, they reflect in the cost. It is possible to pay between £110-£160 per square meter to purchase these tiles.

Granite Tiles

Granite slabs and tiles are created of natural stones which can be mined and then designed into tiles with no need for chemicals.

This is because they are a bit cheaper than tiles constructed from natural stones. They are priced between £80 and £90 per square meter.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles cost in accordance with their thickness, finishing and colour. In this regard, the prices vary between £50 and £80 per square metres. The quality of limestone may also impact the cost.

Quarry tiles

Quarry tiles are rough natural, untreated tiles, and they’re extremely robust. They have the lowest price tag for natural tiles due to their natural composition. The cost for these tiles is about £20-£30 per square meter.

The following table illustrating the typical costs you could expect to pay for a variety of tiles:

Grout costs£1.40-£2 per kg
Ceramic tiles are expensive.£12-£50 per m2
Tiles made of porcelain are expensive.£50-£100 per m2
Marble tiles cost£40-£70 per m2
Glass tiles cost£11-£160 per m2
Granite tiles cost£80-£90 per m2
Cost of Limestone tiles£50-£80 per m2
Cost of quarry tiles£20-£30 per m2

What are the additional costs of Tiler jobs?

When it comes time to tile there are many other costs that you could have to consider. In addition to the cost of tiles and the labour to do the work, there are other items you could require to plan for.

The following is an outline of additional expenses that can arise from this type of work:

New Bathroom Installation

If you’re planning on hiring a tiler for the work on your bathroom, then you might also be interested in acquiring the completely renovated bathroom that includes a whole new set of tiles.

The cost for an entire bathroom renovation for a bathroom in the UK is approximately £300-£6000. However, if you own an enormous bathroom or require top-quality materials, you could cost upwards of around £15,000 for this type of job.

New Kitchen Installation

In the same way, if you’re looking to hire an interior tiler to remodel your kitchen, you might be thinking about a full kitchen renovation.

The price of a brand new kitchen can vary based on the size of your kitchen as well as the high-quality of the materials you pick.

If you want a kitchen that is medium-sized You can expect to spend between £6000 and £9000 .

Cost of Plastering

It’s rare to find walls that are smooth and level. In this regard, it is possible that you need your wall coated prior to tiling begin. The plastering process will guarantee that the wall has a suitable base for tiling, and you get an expert look.

The typical cost of plastering a wall is about £150-£250. If you want to have the entire area plastered then it’s going to cost between £300 to £900.

Painting Costs

If you’re tiled in a portion of your room, it is possible to paint the walls to completely change the look of your room. The price to paint an entire room is about £260-£270. The total cost will be contingent on the dimensions of the room as well as on what quality material employed.

Moving a Radiator

If you’re planning to tile the walls of your home, you may require the radiator removed to gain access, or require moving the radiator to a more suitable location. The cost of hiring an experienced plumber to move a radiator for you is between £150 to £200 per day.

Sealing Tiles

Based on the type of tiles you are using it is possible to seal the tiles. Certain tiles, like ceramic or porcelain, may not require sealing. However, the majority require sealing. Porous tiles made of natural stones must be sealed. It is common to find excellent sealants in the range of £15 to £30.

Tradesmen’s Costs for Tiler Job

The cost of a tradesperson is according to their level of experience and where you live. Those who reside in the London region can expect to be charged more as opposed to those working within North North or other regions within the UK.

The cost could be billed by the day, the hour, or per square millimetre. This is contingent on the scope of the project and the person you hire.

The tiler typically charges around £10-£15/hour or £150-£200 for a day.

If your floors or walls have been sanded and ready for tiling and you are charged based on the size of the space. If that is the case, then you will pay approximately £20-£40 per square foot.

How Long Does Tiler Work Will Take?

The time required to finish the tiling task will differ based on the kind of project that’s being worked on and the kind of materials used. If the work is complicated, you should expect to be waiting longer.

The following table that outlines the times you can anticipate for different tiles:

Tiling a floor of 10 square meters1 day
A floor that is tiled will take 20 square meters1- 2 days
A floor tiled with 30 square meters1- 2 days
Bathrooms are often tiled.1 or 2 days
Wall tiles for small rooms1 day
Installing wall tiles in a medium-sized room1 to 2 days
Installation of wall tiles in large-sized rooms1 or 2 days

Types of Tiler jobs

There are a variety of different kinds of tile jobs. Here is a listing of the different kinds of tile jobs, along with details on each one:

Tile Flooring Cost 

Floor tiles are an excellent accessory to any house. They are most popular in bathrooms and kitchens. The cost for flooring tiles will differ in accordance with the kind of tiles being put in.

However, you can anticipate this kind of work to cost between £15 and £50 per square meter. The work involves taking away the flooring, then preparing flooring for installation and finally, installing the new flooring tiles.

The contractor will typically handle the garbage removal and take care of cleaning up after the work.

Tile Wall Cost 

If you’re thinking of tiled walls, expect to pay between £750 to £2400. The total cost will be contingent on the size of your space and the kind of tiles you select.

The work will typically include taking away the wall decor and prepping the walls (this might include putting down plaster) before putting in your new tiles.

Tile a Shower Cost

The process of installing a shower is a fantastic option to make your bathroom more attractive. It can improve the overall look of the space and help to improve drainage.

The cost of a tiled shower will be based upon the dimensions of your shower as well as what quality tiles are employed. It is typical to pay between £10 and £15 per square meter for the tiles and approximately £100-£150 for the labour cost.


Q: How much does a tiler charge per square metre?

A: If you are looking to pay for your tiling work per square metre, then you can usually expect to pay around £20-£40 per square metre.

Q: Does a tiler need qualifications?

A: There are no formal qualifications needed to become a tiler. However, when you are hiring someone to complete tiling work for you, you should seek out someone that has a lot of experience in the field, and that can show you proof of previous work.

Q: Can you paint over floor tiles?

A: Floor tiles are very versatile. This means that you can paint over them to improve their appearance rather than having to replace them completely.

In order to paint tiles, you will need to use a water-based primer on the tiles and then use a foam roller to apply the paint over the top once it’s dried.

Q: Can I install tiles myself?

A: You can install floor or wall tiles yourself as a DIY job.However, this is not recommended. There are many things that can go wrong quickly with this type of work, including the tiles, being uneven, the patterns not lining up, and the cuts not being correct.

It may be tempting to save a bit of money by doing the work yourself, especially if you have a low budget. However, you may end up spending more on the work if you aren’t experienced in laying tiles.

Q: What are the various tiler rates?

There are several tiler rates that you may need to be aware of. Those rates are listed below:

  • Tiler cost per metre – £20-£40
  • Tiler daily rate – £150-£200
  • Tiler hourly rate – £10-£15
  • Tiler cost per day – £150-£200



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